Google, Apple and Amazon come in digital regulation of European Union, now arbitrariness will not work


The European Union (EU) announced to bring technology-based companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Tiktok under the ambit of new digital rules. The ‘Digital Market Act’ has been brought in the European Union with the intention of controlling the business capacity of online companies. Under this, these six global companies have been classified as online gatekeepers, due to which maximum monitoring will be done on them. Thierry Breton, commissioner of the European Commission and in charge of digital policy, the executive branch of the European Union, said the time has come to change the rules of the game. We have to make sure that any online platform, no matter how big it is, behaves properly.

Companies given six months to comply

This law of the European Union mentions activities for technology companies that prevent them from capturing new digital markets. For this, methods like imposing heavy fine on them or warning to dissolve the company can also be adopted. Google’s parent company Alphabet, Facebook’s operating company Meta, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and TikTok’s parent company ByteDance will have to comply with the new digital rules of the European Union. However, these companies have been given six months to comply.

Message-based services need to work with each other

The European Commission said digital platforms can be listed as gatekeepers if they serve as a gateway between businesses and consumers. These services include Google’s Chrome browser, Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Meta’s WhatsApp, TikTok and Amazon’s marketplace and Apple’s App Store. Message-based services will need to work with each other. Apart from this, digital platforms will not be able to show their products or services above their competitors in online search results. A company violating these provisions can be fined up to 10 percent of its annual global revenue. In case of repeated violations, this fine can be increased up to 20 percent or the company can also be dissolved.

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