Google Doodle is celebrating Pani Puri, gave this fun task to users


Google Doodle celebrates popular South Asian street food Pani Puri: Google Doodle is celebrating the popular South Asian street food ‘Pani Puri’ on Wednesday, as 51 different types of water were found in Indore, Madhya Pradesh on July 12 in the year 2015. A restaurant made Puri available to its customers and made a place in the Golden Book of World Records.

what is pani puri

Pani puri is a popular street snack made of a crispy shell and filled with potatoes, chickpeas, spices, chillies and flavored water. It is also known by different names like puchka, gol gappa etc. and is famous in many regions across the country. In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, pani puri signifies a ‘shaped street food’, usually dipped in a mixture of boiled chickpeas, white peas and sprouts with spiced water.

This fun task was given to the users

In today’s doodle game, the player is assigned the task of helping the street vendor team in fulfilling the orders of Pani Puri. Players have to choose puris that match each customer’s taste and quantity preference to keep them happy.

So how was pani puri invented?

The history of the popular pani puri is believed to date back to the epic Mahabharata period, when the newly married Draupadi was challenged to feed her five husbands with scarce resources, just a few leftover potatoes and vegetables and a small amount of wheat flour. To work with, Draupadi stuffed small pieces of fried dough with a mixture of potatoes and vegetables, and thus, pani puri was invented.

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