Google Doodle Today: Google is celebrating independence, made this special doodle on Independence Day


Google Doodle Independence Day 2023: All Indians are celebrating the 77th Independence Day of the country today. Independence is being celebrated all over the country. After independence from the British rule in 1947, there was a lot of development in India. The Indian heritage was developed in the industrial sector. Reflecting the richness of Indian heritage, today Google Doodle is also celebrating India’s independence. Google has shown the prosperity of the country by making a special doodle.

Doodle inspired by India’s diverse textile range

Search engine Google on Tuesday remembered India’s rich and diverse textile heritage with a special doodle on the occasion of India’s 77th Independence Day. This artwork by New Delhi based artist Namrata Kumar has been created taking inspiration from India’s diverse textile range. The doodle depicts the vibrant story of India by weaving together samples of fabrics famous in different parts of the country.

Google written with embroidered letters

In a post on the Google Doodle portal, the internet giant shared Namrata Kumar’s vision and inspiration for this artwork. The doodle depicts ‘swatches’ of various weaves from different parts of the country, from the Kutch embroidery of Gujarat to the delicate ‘Ikat’ craft of Odisha and the ‘Pashmina Kani’ of Jammu and Kashmir to the ‘Kasavu’ craft of Kerala. These different samples have been brought together and in the middle is written GOOGLE with embroidered letters.

Balanced representation of different regions of the country

Namrata Kumar said on Google’s portal that she researched and identified the various textile art forms present in India. She said, I tried to incorporate a wide spectrum of techniques, including embroidery, various weaving styles, printing techniques, dyeing techniques and hand-painted textiles and much more. Apart from this, I wanted to ensure that I could represent different geographical regions of the country in a balanced manner.

A new era of India started on this day in 1947

Google said that the doodle is celebrating India’s Independence Day today. On this day in the year 1947, a new era started as soon as India became independent from the British rule. He said that as a symbol of this first day of independence, an annual flag hoisting ceremony is organized at the Red Fort in Delhi, in which the Prime Minister participates. Google said that on this occasion citizens sing the national anthem and remember the leaders of the freedom movement.

Rich Cultural Heritage of Textile Traditions of India

Namrata Kumar said that during the entire creative process of drawing up the doodle, her ‘overarching goal was to remember and honor the textiles of India and their deep connection with the country’s identity’. He said, I wanted to show the rich cultural heritage and artistic talent of India’s textile traditions through this artwork and create something that reflects people’s feelings through Google Doodle.

Symbol of the collective craftsmanship of skilled artisans, farmers, weavers, dyers and embroiderers

Google said that each piece of cloth displayed in this artwork is ‘testimony to the collective craftsmanship of skilled artisans, farmers, weavers, dyers and embroiderers’. He said that all these create these extraordinary fabrics that represent the essence of India’s creativity. This doodle by New Delhi-based talented artist Namrata Kumar showcases the country’s rich and diverse textile traditions.

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