Government of France is spending crores of rupees to destroy alcohol, because of this it is taking these steps


New Delhi: The French government is destroying its liquor by spending crores of rupees. The government wants to eliminate the excess production of wine. The French government has announced that it has set aside 200 million euros for this. Actually the government wants to control the prices of wine through this. This will enable the government to help local wine producers who are struggling in their country. The French government had announced this in the past. Several major wine-producing regions in France, especially the famous Bordeaux region, are struggling due to changing consumption habits, the cost of living crisis and the after-effects of COVID-19.

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Due to this the prices fell

According to the local farmers association, the drop in demand for liquor has led to overproduction. Prices have plummeted and one in three wine producers in the Bordeaux region are in great financial difficulty. According to Agriculture Minister Marc Fesneau, the initial EU funding for alcohol destruction has also been increased. The government says that this will help the struggling wine producers to get a boost in the prices of wine.

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need to think about

According to FaceNew, the purpose of spending so much money is to stop the falling prices. Due to this, the source of income of wine makers should not end. He emphasized that the industry will have to think about the changing needs of the customers in the future and adapt with the times. South West Languedoc, one of the country’s largest wine regions, has been hit hardest by falling demand for wine.

According to the report, the alcohol obtained after destroying the wine will be sold to food products companies that make hand sanitizers, cleaning products and perfumes.

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