Government strict on YouTube and Insta! 3 months jail for posting videos and photos – govt action on youtube instagram influencers may be 3 months jail


The government has become strict about the misuse of YouTube and Instagram. Actually, information was being received for a long time that Tube and Instagram Influencers are giving wrong information to the users. Also selling fake products. Apart from this, influencers are promoting fake products. In such a situation, the government is preparing to clamp down on YouTube and Instagram influencers. Let’s know about it in detail…Government can make provision of punishment
The central government said that if customers are harmed by buying a product after watching posts or videos of YouTube and Instagram influencers, then the responsibility of the company making the product and the influencers will be there. There are reports that popular influencers are adopting wrong methods to garner more subscribers. Along with fine, a provision of three months jail term is being made on such influencers.

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It is wrong to give stock market advice
If reports are to be believed, many YouTube and Instagram influencers recommend investing in the stock market, which is in violation of SEBI regulations. The funny thing is that influencers who give stock market advice don’t want to be registered with Savvy, as it would require them to show profit and loss details.

Advising to buy a product violates the rules

If you recommend buying a smartphone or gadget from your YouTube channel, and the customer trusts you and buys the product. In such a situation, if the product is found to be fake, then the responsibility will be on the promoters of the product. In such a situation, one should be careful while posting promotional videos and photos on YouTube and Instagram.

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