Growing family disputes –

In Indian culture, family has been accepted as a unit rather than an individual. This is why in the past only joint families They were the identity of the society, but with time and circumstances, there have been changes in human thinking as well. If in the past the needs of families were given priority, today people are giving priority to their personal needs. If earlier joint families were broken due to change in individual’s thoughts, now nuclear families are also breaking down.

The data of family disputes for 2021, 22, 23 collected by the Union Ministry of Law and Court and the Ministry of Health Welfare from the High Courts of the country clearly shows that the cases of rift in the relationship between husband and wife are increasing very rapidly in the country. . There were 4,97,447 cases of family disputes filed in family courts across the country in 2021. At the same time, in 2023 their number increased to 8,25,502.

Family disputes include cases filed for domestic discord, divorce, demand for maintenance, custody of the child and bringing back the wife who has gone to her maternal home. Statistics show that the pending number of such cases for the last three years is more than 11 lakh. In fact, every year, as many new cases are filed in the family courts across the country as the number of cases being disposed of. Due to this, pressure on judges is also increasing. A total of 11,43,915 cases were pending in 812 family courts as of December 31, 2023. That means a judge has an average burden of 1,408 cases.

Experts in the matter of family disputes believe that the main reason for the increase in disputes between husbands and wives is the end of joint families and promotion of nuclear family culture. Experts believe that a decade ago there were more joint families. If there was any disagreement in the family between husband and wife over some issue, the elders in the house would calm down the dispute by persuasion. But now it is not so. In the metropolitan system, if there is any dispute between husband and wife, there is no one to explain them. Due to this, small things gradually become big and domestic disputes reach the court.

Joint family not only provides financial security to a person but also gives him mental and physical security. If any member of the family becomes unwell or unfit, or any other kind of insecurity has arisen in him, then in that situation other members of the family The members used to stand by him like a wall during those difficult times, but today ‘I’ has become dominant instead of ‘we’. Due to this, family disputes are also increasing. The family which once provided security to the individual has today become the center of conflict because the ambition of ‘I’ has increased and the nectar of satisfaction has vanished. Instead of supporting each other, the race to leave each other behind has now started from the courtyard of the house. This is the root cause of family disputes. Once upon a time, one person used to support the entire family. Today, even all the earners together are failing to keep the family united because personal interests have become dominant. The reason behind the above change is the loss of satisfaction quality in humans and giving importance to ‘I’ instead of ‘we’.

-Irwin Khanna, Editor-in-Chief, Dainik Uttam Hindu.

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