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The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), an organization that monitors nuclear weapons, has said in its report that China developed 60 new nuclear weapons last year. According to the report, in 2022, many countries were engaged in making the nuclear arsenal powerful. America, Russia, UK, France, China, India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel are considered as nuclear-rich countries. In these, many countries deployed many nuclear weapons systems. Amid fears of a third world war due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict, SIPRI director Smith said we are heading towards the most dangerous situation in human history. In January 2022, China had 350 nuclear weapons, which increased to 410 in January 2023. The apprehension of continuous development of nuclear power by China has also been expressed. By the end of the decade, China may develop a number of intercontinental ballistic missiles equal to the US and Russia. Pakistan is a major point of concern for India in terms of nuclear weapons. India is focusing on developing long-range missiles that can reach China. Last year, India made four and Pakistan made five nuclear weapons. There has been a decrease in the total nuclear weapons of America and Russia but the number of nuclear weapons deployed for military use in the world has increased by a total of 86. There has been a decrease in transparency regarding nuclear weapons between Russia and the US. US suspends bilateral talks with Russia while Russia refuses to participate in START nuclear deal. START includes inspection of nuclear weapons and exchange of information about missiles.

The total number of nuclear weapons in the world is estimated at 12,512. In January 2023, 9,576 of these weapons were in a state of military use.

2,000 nuclear warheads have been placed on high operational alert. Most of these are weapons of America and Russia.

– 3,844 nuclear weapons have been reported to be deployed with missiles or warplanes.

Recently, India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar had said in clear words that as long as there is a border dispute with China, mutual relations cannot be normal. Relations between India and China have been strained since the 1950s. After the war in 1962 and China’s growing closeness to Pakistan and now due to border skirmishes, relations have soured considerably.

China keeps on saying and doing something directly or indirectly to stop India’s progress on the path of development. India is keeping an eye on the nefarious intentions of China. But the way China has increased its military budget and developed 60 nuclear weapons in just one year, it is a matter of concern for India.

India has developed only 4 nuclear weapons, India is a peace loving and democratic country. Developing nuclear weapons is not its priority. But looking at China’s policies and intentions, India will have to increase its military power along with nuclear weapons. Because China is such a neighboring country that cannot be trusted. Due to the proximity of China and Pakistan, the war between Russia and Ukraine, China is in a stronger position at the international level than before. Keeping the above things in mind, India will have to be alert from the point of view of security along the borders with China along with developing nuclear weapons and along with military equipment, the number of soldiers should also be increased along the borders with China.

China is our neighbor who cannot be trusted. That’s why India needs to adopt a solid security policy to keep its borders safe.

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