Hamas attack is the deadliest attack on Jews since the genocide: US MP

Influential US lawmakers have said that the attack by Hamas is the deadliest attack on Jews in Europe since the genocide. The MPs said this to Indian-Americans supporting Israel. MP Jamie Raskin said at an event organized by the ‘Foundation for India and Indian Diaspora Studies’ (FIIDS), “The terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas on civilians in Israel are the worst since the genocide of the Jews in Europe.” Are widespread and deadly.” Addressing a group of Indian-Americans, Raskin said there is a need to differentiate between Hamas and the Palestinian people.

He said, “Hamas does not speak for the Palestinian people and the Palestinian people are not responsible for the crimes of Hamas.” Indian-American MP Shri Thanedar also addressed the event. He described the attack as the deadliest attack on Jews since the Holocaust and said there is bipartisan support for Israel in America. “We are going to support Israel in every possible way to ensure that Israel is able to fight these terrorists and completely destroy Hamas,” Thanedar said. We cannot see such horrific attacks being carried out on civilians, women, men, babies…” Mr Thanedar said, ”They (Hamas) are clearly terrorists and they need to be stopped.

American Jewish Committee member Jason Isaacson praised the Indian-American community for supporting Israel in this time of crisis. He said, “In this time of great crisis, in this time of fear, it means a lot to us to know that our brothers and sisters of the Indian-American community are with us.” Isaacson said, “I love this. We also have to say that many of us have been deeply affected by the comments made by Prime Minister (Narendra) Modi within hours of the attacks last Saturday, October 7. Ohio state MP Neeraj Atani said, ” Hamas is a network of global Islamic jihadists.

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