Happiness can never be outside… It’s all in the mind just need to find it: Harsh Goenka – rpg enterprises chairman harsh goenka reveal the 3 r formula of happy life


New Delhi:Harsh Goenka, chairman of RPG Enterprises, is one of those businessmen who don’t just stay confined to their office cabins, but stay connected with the common people. Whether together or through social media. Harsh Goenka often stays connected with people through X (earlier Twitter), encouraging people through motivational posts. Recently, Harsh Goenka experimented through one of his posts. He explained the real meaning of happiness to the people. Tried to explain what is the real happiness of life.

how to be happy everyday

According to Harsh Goenka, it is necessary to complete some tasks every day to be happy.
– be kind to yourself
– learn something new
– develop gratitude
– smile and laugh
– Enough Sleep
– Exercise
– eat well

Life has some rules

1. Give people more than they expect and do so with pleasure
2. Don’t lose the lesson when you lose
3. Spend Some Alone Time
4. Remember the 3R’s- Respect for self, Respect for others, Responsibility for your actions
5. A loving atmosphere is necessary at home

Harsh Goenka’s Experiment to Find Happiness

He conducted a social experiment on Twitter. He posted, ‘Imagine a contented person sitting in a beautiful park on a hot day. Imagine another person sitting in an AC room in a nice apartment block facing the same park. What is most important – calm, comfortable and living in an apartment or content and living in the lap of nature? Who is more happy?

More than one-third of people who responded to the post felt that the person who saw the park was happier. A smaller proportion preferred the ‘satisfied’ man in the park. But most people responded that happiness depends on how you look at life. We mistake joy for happiness, and that is the problem. This brings us to the fundamental question of happiness. Are our measurements of happiness based on real life measurements?

Goenka writes that we are all looking for happiness, but we rarely find it because we are guided by other emotions or look for it in the wrong places. Common sense would have us believe that a person living outside on a hot day is far more desperate and unhappy than a person living in an apartment. For some people living in an apartment is more satisfied, happy and secure then a person living in a park is suffering and unhappy. It is a common belief that happiness and joy comes with prosperity.

Goenka writes that his little social experiment has revealed some important facts about us. We are programmed to seek happiness through results. Achievement at work, grades at school, recognition from peers… the results-oriented satisfaction we associate with happiness takes us away from our natural state of contentment with the little things in life. Sometimes achievements also do not bring the excitement that we expect.

He wrote that success always brings happiness, but the end result is not always what matters. This hard work, struggle, victory, failure, breakup and reconciliation and all small parts of business are very important. That struggle with the results also gives equal happiness. Happiness is found in those efforts in which we achieve success.

how to get happiness

Practicing gratitude, caring and giving, maintaining relationships, and working on wellness of mind and body can bring sustained happiness. Financial security is important and there is a direct link between income, security and happiness. He wrote that the more we try to correct the mistake, the more happiness we collect. He said that happiness can never be outside, it is all in the mind and it needs continuous work. So, perhaps both the man in the park and the man in the air-conditioned room can be equally happy or unhappy, depending on their perspective and thinking.

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