Have you also used AI like this? If you misuse AI you will end up in jail keep these things in mind


The use of AI has become common today. But many people use it wrongly. Recently, a case has come to light in which two sons of a policeman in Palghar, Maharashtra have made pornographic videos of women by misusing AI. These videos have also been made viral on social media. Those whose video has been made, when they opposed it, they were beaten a lot. When the matter went to the police, both the accused were arrested. In such a situation, it seems that there may be some kind of problem in future regarding AI.

Photo can be misrepresented:
There are many cases on social media where AI can be used to morph a photo. Please tell that if any person does this kind of wrongdoing then he can be jailed and legal action can be taken against him.

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Can get in trouble:
According to a cyber expert, under Section 67 of the IT Act, action will be taken against any person who has posted any such obscene video on the Internet. The person can be imprisoned for three years and can also be fined. If a person’s image is tarnished by posting obscene videos, then he can also file a defamation case against the culprit.

People misusing AI:
People are also using AI for wrong things. Although it could prove to be very beneficial, but some people did not even leave AI. Works like morphing the video are being done through AI. Its entire business is being run. People are also being given its paid access. Action is also being taken on such social media accounts. In such a situation, you have to keep in mind that you should not share any of your photos or videos on any social media without thinking.

Where to complain:
If something like this happens to you, then you have to report to the Cyber ​​Crime Branch. Also, be careful while sharing photos and videos. If you find any other obscene photo or video on social media, then you can also report it from there itself.

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