Health Care: Dengue sting intensifies, know the causes, symptoms and home remedies



Health Care : Dengue virus is spread by the spreading mosquito. Knowing the signs and symptoms of dengue can help in early detection and faster recovery. This virus enters the human blood through the bite of a mosquito. The mosquito carries the virus in its saliva, after entering your blood, the virus starts multiplying. Dengue, a deadly mosquito-borne disease, is caused by the bite of a female mosquito during the day. It is also known as break bone fever because it causes pain like breaking of bones. High fever is the most common symptom of dengue. Initial symptoms start with severe headache.

sharp pain behind the eyes

nausea or vomiting

muscle and joint pain

One can start feeling the symptoms only four to ten days after the mosquito bite. These symptoms can last for three to seven days.

Dengue In Jharkhand

What are the home remedies for dengue

Neem leaf – Neem leaf extract can inhibit the growth of dengue virus. Neem leaves can be used to help prevent the infection. Boil some fresh neem leaves in water. Drinking this water can help you recover quickly.

Papaya – Papaya leaves are used to treat dengue fever. Papaya leaf can help increase platelet count, white blood cells and neutrophils in people. The increase in platelet count can help stop the bleeding, thereby preventing the progression of the disease. The juice is prepared by grinding fresh papaya leaves with water.

Kalmegh, also known as Andrographis paniculata, is a medicinal herb that is effective in a variety of ailments. You can drink Kalmegh juice with a glass of water to relieve the symptoms of dengue.

Bitter gourd – You can also make bitter gourd juice to get relief from dengue.

Tulsi – Inhibitory action of Tulsi leaves against dengue virus has been observed Tulsi has antibacterial properties. Tulsi water is beneficial.

Giloy helps the patient to maintain the metabolic rate and improve the immune system. Its stem can be boiled and consumed as a herbal drink.

Kasuri fenugreek leaves help reduce fever and ease pain. They can be soaked in water and then mixed to make juice.

To fight against dengue fever, consumption of fenugreek powder helps in headache, nausea and fever along with antiviral properties.

When to seek medical help?

If not treated on time, dengue can take the form of a serious infection which can be fatal. You should contact your health care professional if you experience any symptoms. Dengue victims recover easily with proper treatment and medical procedures in hospitals

ways to prevent dengue

For the prevention of dengue, you can prevent it from spreading by following some simple methods in your daily life.

Do not leave water storage tanks open

Stagnant water can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so do not allow water to stagnate in and around the house

Dry your cooler regularly so mosquitoes can’t lay eggs in it

Mosquitoes can be prevented from biting by applying mosquito repellent cream to open areas both day and night

Always check the water accumulated in dustbins near you after rain

wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants or apply mosquito repellent to cover your skin

Keep window and door screens secure and leak-free to prevent mosquitoes from coming in contact with you.

Always clean dustbins on a daily basis and do not allow litter to accumulate at one place for several days

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