Hero Lectro Cycle: Why did it become the choice of youth? Read funny type story


New Delhi : Hero MotoCorp has no competition in the matter of manufacturing two-wheelers in India. Like Tata Khanti in case of big vehicles, Hero is a hero after all. We all have been riding Hercules and Hero bicycles since childhood. And, after Hercules, Hero became the hero in the Indian bicycle market. After that, along with bicycles, she also started manufacturing motorcycles by joining hands with Japanese company Honda. Then Hero-Honda motorcycles started arriving. But, later there was a tussle between these two companies, so Hero separated and so did Honda. Now, when Corona spread all over the world in 2020, Hero, which used to make bicycles, introduced a new bicycle at the same time. Named it Lectro Bike. Now at that time no one could understand which bicycle this electro bike was? But, in true sense it was a battery operated bike. Then its price was 20 thousand rupees.

Today, when Corona has a name in the world, but God forbid that its trace will be seen again, because our Aditya L-1 is going to be installed at Langres Point to test the real Corona. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has given up its guns to study the boundaries of the Sun. So, during the Corona pandemic, India’s indigenous and famous company Hero Electric Cycle launched Electro Bike on 14 September 2020.

Oh my god! Today’s youth has become a robber of this electric bicycle. A robber in the sense that one who commits theft and robbery is not a robber. The meaning of Lootera is that if you like something, then enjoy it with both hands. He is called a robber. Whenever I see a bicycle in a shop, I get it bought after fighting with my parents at home. So what I mean to say is that so much has been said about the bicycle, so even if we tell you a few things about it, it will neither harm us nor you. Buying or not… depends on you. Then come, let’s find out while fluttering and making waves…

What is e-cycle

Liken-Bachchan, let us tell you that the name of the electric bicycle brand of Indian bicycle manufacturing company Hero Cycles is Hero Lectro. As we had already told you that Hero Cycles had sensed the weakness in everyone’s eating habits, thoughts and behavior after the Corona epidemic. Because of the fear of the epidemic, more people remained alive than those who died due to the epidemic. For him, even walking one step was equivalent to walking a hundred steps. In such a situation, Hero Cycles launched an affordable electric bicycle in the market, so that a person can travel two to four kilometers on a bicycle without pedaling. The special thing in this was that the child who did not know how to ride scooters and motorcycles, learned how to ride this electric bicycle. That is to say, there is neither changing gear nor applying pressure on the pedals. Wherever there is a handle, there is an accelerator, turn it and reach home before the tempo-tempu.

The design was prepared in Manchester

Let us tell you that at the time of launching this electric bicycle, Hero Cycles was hoping to take advantage of the e-bike revolution and promote this segment after the change in the situation after the Corona epidemic. That is why Hero Lectro was designed at the company’s Global Design Center in Manchester. This new range of e-cycles comes in three categories – commuter, fitness and leisure. The facility of smartphone connectivity through Bluetooth is also provided in this cycle.

Special features of Hero Electro

  • The commuter range of this bike is good for short and medium distance trips.

  • This is a fitness cycle, which has been designed keeping fitness enthusiasts in mind.

  • Realtime information about maps, battery, riding mode is provided apart from i Smart features and smartphone connectivity through Bluetooth.

  • This e-cycle uses a lithium-ion battery and smart EDU, which allows the rider to steer in four different modes.

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