Hindi Journalism: Challenge and Future


hindi journalism On the occasion of the day, if there is no talk about fair journalism and yellow journalism having social concerns, then the importance of Hindi Journalism Day cannot be assessed. In the present scenario, due to the predominance of yellow journalism and selfish politics due to personal ambition, journalism has become a business rather than a mission. Hindi journalism, which was the flag bearer of the freedom struggle, has started losing its existence in present times and this is the reason why we get to know the importance of Hindi journalism only on 30th May every year. The significance of celebrating Hindi Journalism Day can be proved by understanding and accepting Hindi journalism. In the present scenario, where speaking and reading English is considered a symbol of prestige, at one time Hindi journalism had acted as a flag bearer in the freedom struggle. A large part of the total population of the country still reads Hindi newspapers, but the unfortunate thing is that the authenticity of the news published in English newspapers is being considered more than that of Hindi newspapers. Although Hindi journalism may not have priority in the race of modernity, but it is never a species. Hinglish is now being used indiscriminately in Hindi medium newspapers and digital media. Due to which, in this modern era, there is a lot of struggle to save Hindi journalism and to keep the readers connected with Hindi newspapers. This mission of social concern and unbiased journalism on behalf of Pandit Jugal Kishore and Raja Rammohan Roy seems to be unaware of the basic purpose and it is a matter of concern for the whole country.

In the present scenario, the nature and importance of journalism has changed. Due to political ambition, the news of social concern is continuously decreasing in various media giving information. In the competition of sensationalism in news and directionless debates of TV channels, print media and especially Hindi journalism have to fight for survival. It would not be justified not to talk about the editorial page of the newspaper on Hindi Journalism Day. There was a time when editorial in any newspaper was considered to be the basis of that newspaper, but ever since the reins of journalism have gone into the hands of the owners of big industrial houses, since then journalism is gradually moving away from social concern. Moving towards becoming a business. The feeling of belongingness is reflected from the word Hindi itself. Hindi is our mother tongue Matri means like mother. Just as a man’s feelings are attached to his mother and he can easily express his sorrow and happiness to his mother, in the same way through Hindi we can share everything with every Indian, which may not be possible in any other language. It is not possible to do Hindi journalism was also started only to share the feelings and expectations of the country, society and individual.

Hindi Journalism Day is celebrated every year on 30th May. On 30th May 1826 Hindi language newspaper “Udant Martand” weekly paper was started from Calcutta by Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla and since then this date is known as Hindi Journalism Day. goes. Journalists doing fair journalism still consider him as their ideal. Pandit Jugal Kishore Shukla ji was the editor and publisher of this weekly newspaper himself, Pandit ji has special respect in the Hindi journalism world. Jugal Kishore, an advocate by profession, was originally from Kanpur but chose Calcutta as his workplace in then colonial British India. Actually, he started this newspaper not from the point of view of business, but against the then British government, the war of the pen. Unfortunately, only 79 issues of this newspaper could be published and due to financial shortage, this newspaper was also closed in 1827, but by making Hindi journalism a weapon, the freedom struggle had sounded.

Today, if we are expressing respect for Hindi journalism, then we must also know that what changes have taken place in the journalism world and the working style of a journalist in this journey from 1826 to 2023! In view of the journey from the beginning to the present, the struggle of Hindi journalism continues even today. Hindi journalism, which originated from the womb of expectations of independence, has started becoming a victim of neglect and the main reason for this is to convert from mission to business. Fair journalism has indirectly become a means of fulfilling personal interests. The basic objective of Hindi journalism is to expose the real nature of the democratic system as well as social concern, but in the present circumstances, journalism and journalists are deviating from their original objective.

This form of journalism can be seen in the current journalism from Delhi to the countryside. Looking at the present circumstances, it would not be an exaggeration to say that instead of making journalism a profession, we should try to present it in front of the whole world as a genre. Collecting information is not only the objective of journalism, but the right form of Hindi journalism is to educate and guide the society by getting knowledge and various types of information before the society. The only aim of Hindi journalism should be to be vocal against corruption, illiteracy, religious frenzy, riots, bribery, social evils prevailing in the society. During the rise of Hindi journalism, there was a need for national consciousness in the society. Journalism has contributed immensely in awakening the feeling of patriotism in the society. Hindi journalism was started with an objective for the benefit of Indians, to fulfill the same objective, Hindi journalism is playing the role of Bhishmapitamah in the present scenario as well.

Even in the era of competition of modernity, Hindi journalism seems capable of maintaining its existence and it is a matter of pride for the people associated with Hindi journalism. According to the survey, the number of registered publications in the country is the highest number of registered Hindi newspapers as compared to the newspapers of other languages, can be considered as a living proof of the success and significance of Hindi journalism, but it does not mean at all that Hindi journalism There is no need to work for existence, but to make Hindi journalism more intense and empowered, people working in the journalistic world will have to come forward.

On the occasion of Hindi Journalism Day, the great people associated with the journalistic world will have to take a vow that just as Hindi journalism was started with the aim of independence in the freedom struggle, in the same way, in view of the present circumstances, truthful, fearless, selfless journalism Make a positive effort to play your role in building a healthy and strong nation, only then the significance of today’s day i.e. Hindi Journalism Day can be proved.
Sushil Pandit

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