Hindu society is fighting a war even today: Bhagwat


in the last few days Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh’s Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat had said in an interview to ‘Panchjanya’ that Hindu society is fighting a war even today. This fight is not with external enemies but with internal enemies. This fight is going on for the protection of Hindu religion, Hindu culture and Hindu society. Now they are not foreigners but there is foreign influence, there are conspiracies from abroad. There will be bigotry among the people in this fight. This should not happen, yet fierce statements will come.

The policy of Sangh is not only known from the expressions expressed by Mohan Bhagwat, but how practical it is, it is realized from the derogatory comments that have been made about Tulsidas’s Shriramcharitmanas in the past. It has been 75 years since the country became independent, but the mentality of slavery is still not getting rid of. Decades ago, Dr. Hedgawar ji established the Sangh in 1925 only to free the common people of the country from mental slavery. The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been working since its foundation day till today to achieve this goal that the majority of the country should feel proud of its struggling past and its culture.

Here are excerpts from what Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat said in an interview: On the RSS’s involvement with political issues despite being a cultural organization, Bhagwat said that “the Sangh has deliberately distanced itself from day-to-day politics. kept aloof, but always engages in politics that affects “our national policies, national interest and Hindu interest”. were. This is the only addition in its current state. But people forget that it is the Swayamsevaks who have reached some political positions through a political party. Sangh keeps on organizing the society for the sake of organization. However, whatever the Swayamsevaks do in politics, the Sangh is held responsible. Even though we may not be directly related to others, there is certainly some accountability because ultimately it is in the Sangha where the volunteers are trained. So, we are forced to think about how our relationship should be, what things we should pursue with full dedication (in the national interest). Will keep, but it will convey the concerns of the people to the power. Bhagwat said that “when there were no volunteers in positions of power, there were still people who heeded the advice of others. Pranab da (Pranab Mukherjee) was the Finance Minister in the Congress government.

He was also looking after Nepal affairs. We used to take our concerns to him and he used to listen to us too. That’s all we do. Otherwise, we have no business in other areas of active politics. First the Hindus understood this. Hindus are in majority today. Hindu belongs to this country. With the upliftment of Hindus, all the people of this country will be happy. Population is also a burden, population is also a useful thing. So, as I said in that speech, a policy should be made after thinking far-reaching and deep. The policy should apply equally to all. But coercion does not work for this. You have to educate for this. Population imbalance is an unviable thing. Where there was an imbalance, the country was divided. This happened all over the world and that is because the tendency of people, civilizations in the world is aggressive. There is only Hindu society, which is not aggressive. That’s why non-aggression, non-violence, democracy, secularism, all these have to be saved, so it is necessary to save those who have the tendency of non-aggression. The work of the Sangh will progress step by step. The next natural step is that the work of the Sangh should be all-pervasive. On the basis of that, the kind of change that is needed in the Hindu society, the kind of coordination that is needed, further work will be done to bring an organized state of the society. The volunteers of the Sangh should also do it, the gentlemen of the society should also do it. Together, let’s take forward the work of making our society stand like this and take the country to the peak of ultimate glory. By the completion of 100 years, we should complete the necessary infrastructure for shakhas, volunteers and their deployment. According to where, how and how work has to be done, acquire the ability to give more volunteers and after the completion of 100 years, volunteers should engage in the work of erecting a building on that foundation. The work of man-building of the Sangh will continue.

Significantly, the future of the country depends on the character of its citizen more than the economic or military power of the country. Realizing this, the Sangh is engaged in man-making. The country has a democratic system because of the majority of the Hindu society, the day the Hindus become a minority or become weak, there will be many challenges in front of India. Those who make derogatory comments on Hindu deities and Hindu religious texts in the country think that Hindus are weak, so they are not afraid to play with the sentiments of Hindus. By commenting on what has been written about Islam or Christianity scriptures and their traditions, especially about infidels, these people should show: They themselves are infidels but are afraid to comment because of the ‘fear of being cut off from the body’. Sangh has been working keeping national interest and Hindu interest in front without spreading hatred, yet it is opposed while it is working in nation building, understanding the importance of individual building and upliftment of the society. This may not be liked by a section because it feels that due to the strengthening of the majority society, its future will be bleak. Allaying that concern, Sangh chief Bhagwat said that Muslims have nothing to fear but they should give up their story of supremacy.

He said that ‘Hindustan, Hindusthan will remain’, this is a simple matter. There is no harm in this to the Muslims who are in our India today. If they want to stick to their ‘faith’, they can. If they want to return to the faith of their forefathers, they can do so. It is totally his choice. Hindus don’t have this insistence at all. There is no threat to Islam. But at the same time, Muslims should give up their loud rhetoric of supremacy. Bhagwat said that we are big, we were kings once and we will have to leave this if we become kings again. We are different, that’s why we will remain separate, we cannot live together with everyone, this has to be left. If there is a Hindu who thinks like this, he will also have to leave it.
This war of ideas has been going on for centuries and will continue in the future, so it is necessary for the Hindu society to be strong, this is the goal of the Sangh.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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