Honesty is everything when it comes to dating: Janhvi Kapoor


Mumbai (Best Hindu News): Actress Janhvi Kapoor opened up about dating and relationships. He said that keeping high standards does not mean being choosy, but valuing yourself enough to know what you are worth.

In the latest episode of Tinder’s Swipe Ride, Janhvi said, “Loving yourself is about knowing that you deserve more, and don’t settle for someone who doesn’t see it that way.

Beauty comes in all sizes and happiness starts with loving every part of you. As a modern woman, I have learned that having high standards is not flirtatious. It’s about valuing yourself enough to know what you’re worth.”

He further added that when it comes to dating, honesty is everything. No games, just real relationship. This episode of Tinder’s Swipe Ride is a reminder that there’s a world that loves labels, but it’s your worth, your body, and your rules that matter. You deserve a relationship that loves you all just the way you are.

During the conversation, Janhvi spoke about how women are often made to feel that they are not enough, or don’t meet ideal beauty standards.

She stresses that being confident in your own skin and refusing to settle for less is the key to fostering self-love and healthy relationships. This sentiment is in line with 86 percent of women dating in India who say it is okay to make yourself a priority while dating.

They also talk about how situationships are an exciting and low-pressure way to get to know someone today. This is true for 40 percent of young women dating in India today, who choose situationality as their current dating priority, reflecting a desire to be loved on their own terms.

She added that young women today are very clear about what they want when it comes to dating.

Co-created by film director Debbie Rao with popular writer Supriya Joshi, Swipe Ride series is a platform to bring together women who like to make their own decisions, be it in their career or dating life.

The episode will premiere on Friday on Tinder’s YouTube channel and will be streamed exclusively on Jio Cinema.

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