How is PM Modi on top in the world in Global Approval Ratings, what is the whole truth of this survey?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has once again emerged as the most popular leader across the world and his global approval rating is higher than that of the US President. If seen, Modi’s approval rating of 76 percent across the world shows that ‘Modi’s Guarantee’ is a hit in India and ‘Modi’s magic’ is a superhit in the world. However, Modi, who continues to remain on the heights of popularity in the world, is equally connected to the ground. Modi maintains direct communication with the public through various mediums. It is often seen that the celebrities who reach the pinnacle of popularity start considering themselves God and they like to get people to praise them, but Modi tells his partymen and the common people that they do not care about his name. He should be called only as Modi. Modi does not want any kind of distance from the public and his leaders, hence he stays away from every kind of formality. Modi ended the tradition of giving big and expensive bouquets to the Prime Minister and started taking only one rose. Modi ended the tradition of red beacons with sirens installed on the vehicles of ministers and VVIPs. Not only this, whenever he gets an opportunity, Modi is also seen traveling with the common people in public transport service. Modi makes such preparations to deal with natural disasters that storms and cyclones have just started touching our shores. Modi government has been very successful in preventing loss of life and property.

Apart from this, if Modi guarantees food, water, education, development, employment, relief from inflation, medical facilities and other basic facilities to Indians, then he also guarantees help to the world in case of need. During the pandemic, the world saw that by running the Vaccine Maitri campaign, the entire world, especially the poor countries, were given the vaccine to protect themselves from the corona virus. Apart from this, the situation today is that if there is an earthquake or any other natural disaster anywhere in the world, immediately on the instructions of Modi, Indian relief workers set out to help. How much global influence Modi has can be understood from the fact that if a war breaks out, then on the instructions of Modi, the countries fighting there give a safe way to the Indians to escape safely. The countries of this region never tire of expressing their gratitude to Modi for the way Modi raised the issues of the Global South and made the world aware of the needs of these countries. The situation is such that many countries feel honored to award Modi with their highest honour. If you look at the recent figures, the Modi led government has given great help to the countries facing drought, floods and other types of challenges. The whole world saw the condition of Sri Lanka in India’s neighborhood, but due to the support given by Modi, today Sri Lanka is on the verge of standing on its feet again. Modi’s global influence is such that in every country he visits, such a crowd of people gather to listen and see him that Modi makes a record of holding the biggest meeting with the Head of State of that country. The President of America publicly says that Modi is more popular than me in our country.

But, here it also has to be understood that this is not just respect for Modi. Not only is Modi’s global approval rating increasing but it is also an honor for India and it is also equivalent to India’s global approval rating increasing. The way India is becoming self-reliant in every field under Modi rule, the sound of India’s success is ringing from the ground to the moon, the way India has stood as a global economic power and during the presidency of G20, it has presented itself to the world. It has proved that it is capable of leading the world, due to which the countries of the world have been forced to change their old opinion about India.

If the world is trusting the personality of Narendra Modi, then the biggest reason for that is that the whole world believes that he is such a politician who will not let the interests of his country be harmed at any cost. Just look at the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin has praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tough stance in protecting India’s national interests “without fear” of any pressure. The Russian leader has said that he “cannot imagine that Modi can be intimidated, threatened or forced to take any action, step or decision that is contrary to the national interests of India and Indians.” The Russian President has said that I watch what is happening from outside and frankly, I am sometimes surprised to see Modi’s tough stance to protect India’s national interests. That Modi always keeps the interests of his country paramount, this has been said from time to time by the heads of state of various countries.

However, even though Modi’s global approval rating is at its peak again, he himself does not let his feet move from the ground. On December 17, when Modi will be seen interacting with the public while roaming in the narrow streets of his parliamentary constituency Varanasi, it will be the first such scene when the Prime Minister of India will be with the common people in the streets.

-Neeraj Kumar Dubey

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