How to get rid of inappropriate remarks against women?


Unconscionable comments or statements against women are nothing new in Indian politics, but when an elite woman throws mud at another competing woman and makes unethical remarks… then it is natural for one to be concerned. The question is, how will we get rid of such unruly comments that are often made against women?

Recently, the issue of objectionable posts by Kangana Ranaut, BJP candidate from Mandi Lok Sabha seat of Himachal Pradesh and Congress’s social media chief Supriya Shrinet and Gujarat Congress’ Farmer State Joint Coordinator H S Ahir on Mandi, is gaining momentum. Now even the National Commission for Women called it against women’s dignity and complained to the Election Commission demanding immediate action.

At the same time, Himachal Pradesh BJP has also complained to the Election Commission that this is a derogatory comment, which has been circulated in the form of an internet media post. This is a post that hurts the dignity of a woman. Not only this, it is also a violation of the mandatory guidelines of the Model Code of Conduct. This also comes under the purview of the Indian Penal Code along with the Information Technology Act. His comments fall under the definition of corrupt practices as defined under the Representation of the People Act.

At the same time, Leader of Opposition in Himachal Pradesh Jairam Thakur called it an insult to Devbhoomi Himachal and said that Supriya Shrinet’s comment is unfortunate. Actually, the entire controversy regarding Kangana arose when an objectionable post was made on the Instagram account of Congress leader Supriya Shrinet about Kangana, the BJP candidate from Mandi seat, along with the picture of the actress, in which it was written that what price is going on in Mandi. I, can anyone tell?’

It is a different matter that as soon as the controversy escalated, Congress leader Supriya Shrinet removed her post and clarified that “This mistake was made by someone else who was managing her Meta (Instagram and Facebook) account. He would not make such a comment about a woman. “Can’t even think of offensive posts. She will take action against the parody account which is using her name.”

At the same time, in response to Supriya Srinet’s post, Kangana said, “In the last 20 years of my career as an artist, I have played the character of all types of women. We should free our daughters from the bondage of prejudices. We One must rise above curiosity about their body parts. Every woman deserves dignity and respect.”

On the other hand, on the issue of Supriya Shrinet, BJP leader Amit Malviya said, “If the same post is made from your (Supriya Shrinet) account as is posted on the parody account, then it means that the administrator of both the accounts is the same.” At the same time, Tajinder Bagga has said that “These posts have exposed the anti-women face of Congress. Supriya Shrinet has shown the Nehruvian face of Congress.” At the same time, Shehzad Poonawala also called Supriya Shrinet’s post shameful and said, “This goes beyond disgusting. Will Mallikarjun Kharge remove Supriya Shrinet? Where is the Hathras lobby now?”

At the same time, the National Commission for Women said in a post, ‘The Commission is shocked by the derogatory conduct of Supriya Shrinet and HS Ahir, who made indecent and derogatory comments about Kangana on the internet media. Such behavior is intolerable and against the dignity of women. But the question is, what is its stand against BJP leader Dilip Ghosh’s comments against West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee? An old interview of Kangana Ranaut herself is going viral, in which Kangana Ranaut is heard calling famous Bollywood actress Urmila Matondkar a soft porn star. In such a situation, the burning question is that in a society where this vulgarity should have no place, then why are BJP and Kangana selective? It would be better if you clarify in time.

Because on one hand, Congress leader Sandeep Dixit bluntly said in a press conference on Tuesday, there is no place for such language in public discussion and Congress’s stand in this matter has always been clear. While Supriya Shrinet has said that whoever has done this, it is a mistake. He has made it clear and the matter should end here.

On the other hand, in Bengal, a controversy arose recently after senior BJP leader and MP Dilip Ghosh was seen in a video clip making fun of the family background of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. In this matter, Trinamool Congress said that this comment of Dilip Ghosh reflects the ‘DNA of BJP’. Also, while sharing the clip on ‘X’, he wrote a letter complaining to the Central Election Commission and demanded action.

At the same time, the Commission has sought a report from the District Magistrate regarding the remarks of Ghosh, the BJP candidate from Bardhaman-Durgapur seat. However, the authenticity of this video clip that has gone viral is yet to be confirmed. Let us tell you that former BJP Bengal unit president Dilip Ghosh can be seen making fun of Trinamool’s election slogan ‘Bangla Nijer Meyeke Chai’ (Bengal wants its daughter).

He said, when she (Mamata) goes to Tripura, she says that she is the daughter of Tripura. When she is in Bengal, she says that she is the daughter of Bengal. So first let them clarify, who is their father? It is noteworthy that Ghosh, the sitting MP from Medinipur Lok Sabha seat, was referring to Trinamool’s 2021 election slogan ‘Bangla Nijer Meyke Chai’.

On his comment, Bengal Women and Child Development Minister Shashi Panja said that he should immediately apologize for this comment. At the same time, the silence of the National Commission for Women on this issue is also beyond comprehension. People are asking that those who did not open their mouths on the release of the culprits of Bilkish Bano, those who did not open their mouths on the plight and pitiful condition of the wrestler daughters, those who did not open their mouths on that tragic and inhuman incident in Manipur, Neha Singh Rathore from Mian Khalifa. Those who did not open their mouth on comparisons are now saying that Supriya Shrinet has insulted Kangana Ranaut, whereas Supriya Shrinet has already deleted that post and has also told that it is the work of her social media team. It was a mistake. Despite this, BJP has demanded the immediate dismissal of Congress spokesperson Supriya Shrinet.

The question then is that if institutions like the National Commission for Women adopt a pick and choose attitude in the matter of unrestrained remarks against women, then how will we get rid of this shameful political trend? Not only this, if national parties like BJP and Congress will also make statements by pick and choose, then what will happen to this burning question related to women, on which a clear and universally accepted view is expected from the Election Commission and political parties. If this is not done then politics will go into decline and arrogance will be glorified everywhere, as has become a political tradition in independent India.

– Kamlesh Pandey

Senior journalist and political analyst

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