How To : How are the features of the Volvo C40 Recharge Electric Car, how is this SUV?


New Delhi : Volvo C40 Recharge Electric SUV is ready to be launched in India. It is reported that it can be introduced in early September. The deliveries are expected to start in September itself, soon after the launch of this new SUV. Many features of the new electric SUV to be introduced in the Indian car market are being told. Its engine has been made strong and the body stylish.

how is suv

The new SUV C40 Recharge from Volvo has been built on the compact modular architecture platform. In this, lights have been given in the design of L and its look has been kept like last year’s XC40 Recharge, but some updates have also been given.


It is quite attractive in terms of design. Especially, because of the side and rear styling which is different from the coupe look due to the sloping roofline. At the same time, the twin spoiler given in it, along with slimmer tail-lights, the bumper design with a different design looks more aggressive than the conventional size of this SUV. While the front-end with the blank off grille is quite similar to the XC40 Recharge, there is nothing wrong with that. Apart from this, this electric SUV also gets special tires with pixel headlamps to increase the range.


The cabin is similar to the SUV XC40, but the pattern on the dashboard glows like a Swedish map at night. While the Google based Android infotainment system can also be used practically. The screen size is a bit small and all the controls are present along with the climate control. It has been given an all black look and made with sustainable material not leather used, while the sturdiness can be seen in the cabin with superior quality.


The list of features is quite long with the Google Map given in it, which is very helpful. Apart from this, dual zone climate control, fixed panoramic glass roof which removes sunlight as soon as it enters the cabin, 360 degree camera, power adjust seat, air purifier and Harman Kardon audio system with 13 speakers, while its front seats are quite comfortable. While the rear seats feel a bit small. The sloping coupe roof surrounds the headroom, while a tunnel is also present in the middle.

battery and motor

In the Volvo C40 Recharge Electric SUV, a battery of 78 Kwh capacity has been given by the company. It takes only 33 minutes to charge this battery to 80 percent. Apart from this, the motor given in it are two motors of 150KW capacity each. The SUV gets 402 bhp power and 660 Nm torque from this motor. This SUV can be run from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.5 seconds and in full charge, this SUV can be run for about 530 kilometers.


The Volvo C40 Recharge electric SUV can be charged from 10-80 percent in just 27 minutes thanks to the fast charging 150 kW DC charger. Two electric motors have been given to run its large battery pack, which provide a total power of 402 bhp and torque of newton meter. Due to this, this car achieves 0-100 km/h speed in just 4.7 seconds and a top speed of 180 km/h. The Volvo C40 Recharge measures 4440 mm in length, 1873 mm in width, 191 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 2702 mm.


The Volvo C40 Recharge electric SUV gets 19-inch wheels and the SUV offers 171 mm of ground clearance. No drive modes have been given in it. At the same time, no button has been given to start. Starts just by sitting and applying seat belt.

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