Huma Qureshi said – When I came to Mumbai, I came to know how life is in reality


Actress Huma Qureshi has played the lead role in celebrity chef Tarla Dalal’s biopic ‘Tarla’. Huma, who recently came to Delhi, had a special conversation with us about her experiences and preparations for the shooting of this film. Where Huma openly talked about her cooking experience and career.

Do you have any experience with cooking in real life?

I sometimes try my hand at cooking. We all became chefs during the lockdown. We had tried many recipes by watching youtube. I make two or three things well. I cook daal well. I boil rice and make basic gravy of chicken mutton, but when it comes to biryani etc., mummy has to be called. There was a lockdown in March and during that time it was my brother’s birthday in April, so all the shops were closed. But it was brother’s birthday, so something had to be done. Then I googled the recipe of ‘no bake cake’ thinking that nothing would have to be baked in it. But I forgot to read the most important thing in it that it had to be made two days in advance and kept in the fridge. While I made it in the evening on the first day and cut it the next day, it was just cream in the name of cake. My brother ate it with a spoon for four days.

It is generally said in homes that if you are a girl, then learn the work of the house. Was something like this used in your family too?

No, the opposite used to happen here. I grew up among my brothers. That’s why whenever I used to go to the kitchen to cook something, my mother used to start working immediately. Then I used to think that how will it be like this? Then she used to say that you go, you are troubling me in work, I will do it myself. That’s why I never learned anything. I used to think that come from school, throw clothes on the bed and the next day they will be automatically washed and pressed. But when he came to Mumbai, he came to know that how life is in reality. There you have to become a working woman as an actress. Also you have to see your house. You have to think about how your clothes will be washed, what will be prepared for food today, etc. That’s why I salute all the mothers.

Is it a bigger challenge to do biopics of people who are no more in this world?

This is definitely a big challenge. I feel that if Tarla ji were in this world, I would have met her, talked to her and maybe I would have done better in her biopic film releasing today on Zee Five. But I have seen many of his interviews and shows, from which I learned a lot. I tried not to copy them. It is important that you feel their soul and their way. I met their children and grand children. To play the role of someone who is someone’s mother, someone’s grandmother and they have a huge legacy of their own, you know what a huge responsibility you have.

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Tarla ji’s era was very old. How big a challenge was it to portray him on screen in today’s era?

It was a more responsible thing for director Piyush Gupta than me. He has co-written some amazing films like Chhichhore and Dangal with Nitesh Tiwari sir. He has recreated the entire period, he tells his experience. The role I have played is of Tarla ji’s age from 20 to 50 years. That’s a long time. Since then the country, the people, the dress and the technology have all changed a lot. He has shown it with a lot of love. When people watch the film, they will be able to relive that era.

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