‘I will remain barefoot till Salman’s marriage’, said Rakhi Sawant, told which girl can be married


How to stay in discussions, how to collect limelight? One should learn this from Rakhi Sawant. Hardly a day passes by when Rakhi Sawant doesn’t do some dhamaal. This time his blast has happened with Salman Khan. Rakhi Sawant has sought a vow regarding Salman’s marriage. She has announced that she will remain barefoot and will not wear slippers until Salman Khan marries.

Rakhi Sawant recently returned from Dubai and was mobbed by paparazzi at the Mumbai airport. Here Rakhi Sawant told paparazzi, ‘I have returned from Sri Lanka and Dubai without slippers. I will not wear slippers till Salman Khan gets married. He is my brother.

Rakhi Sawant started dancing with the girl in the middle of the road

Seeing this act of Rakhi Sawant with the pilot, people are getting furious, said- She should be jailed for this drama

Which girl will Salman Khan marry?

When paparazzi asked Rakhi Sawant that which girl can Salman Khan marry? Who would that girl be? So Rakhi Sawant said, ‘Brother has seen himself.’ After this Rakhi said to Salman, ‘Salman bhai get married. My feet were peeled off. Give children Give children to our country.

Rakhi Sawant Video: Rakhi Sawant returned to Mumbai from Dubai, paparazzi’s silver, said – storm came as soon as I arrived

Rakhi close to Salman, the actor helped his mother

It is known that Rakhi is very close to Salman Khan and his family. When Rakhi’s mother was undergoing treatment for cancer, Salman helped her a lot. Apart from this, Rakhi Sawant also appeared in some seasons of Salman’s show ‘Bigg Boss’. Salman Khan has already said that he will not marry. He is past the age of marriage. But yes, he definitely wanted to be a father. Now it has to be seen whether Salman will fulfill this wish of Rakhi or will Rakhi break her vow?

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