ICC ODI Rankings: Australia ranked No. 1 in ODI, Pakistan falls

Pudhari Online: ICC ODI Rankings: Australia has again grabbed the first position in the ICC ODI rankings. Karun Kangaroo is in the lead after defeating South Africa in both ODI series. And because of missing one quality, Pakistan has lost its first position. Whereas India is in third place.

Australia’s big victory in the second match (ICC ODI Rankings)

Currently against Australia. ODI series between Africa starts. Only five samanyans are owned. Africa is playing sports. The first two innings of the series have been won by visiting Australia. 123 runs scored in the second ODI match held on Saturday. And the first encounter would have been three gadi jinkala. In such a situation, Australia has benefited from two consecutive victories. Ha Sangh reached the first place in the latest ranking by a factor of 121. Whereas Pakistan is at second place with a score of 120.

Australia’s performance in last year’s ODI cricket was full of ups and downs. Australia would have lost first place in 2022 after their defeat against Sri Lanka. Whereas Australia would have accepted defeat from Zimbabwe in one match. But Australia made a spectacular comeback and once again took the first place.

Five associations in one-day cricket (ICC ODI Rankings)

Australia (121 properties)
Pakistan (120 properties)
India (114 properties)
New Zealand (106 properties)
England (99 properties)

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