if my son says he is gay mahesh manjrekar statement on same sex relationship is something which requires courage


What did Mahesh say?

In an interview to TOI, Mahesh talked about his upcoming Marathi project which will also feature a gay-relationship. During this, he said that today’s time has changed and a change is being seen in the thinking of the people. The actor emphasized that every kind of relationship should be respected.

If my son says he is gay…

If my son says he is gay...

Mahesh continued by saying that there was a time when people did not accept such relationships, but now things are changing and people have started accepting them.

The actor further gave a bold statement saying, ‘If my son comes to me and says that he is in a gay relationship, I will accept him because it is his choice and life. He should be given the freedom to live the way he wants to live. If my daughter also says something like this, then I will accept things for her too.

difficult for the family

difficult for the family

There is no doubt that everyone should have the freedom to live life in their own way. Especially something like love should not be weighed against anything negative. But living in a society where same sex relationships are not accepted and having to reveal one’s own being in such a relationship can be stressful.

This is a big blow especially for the family. In many cases, even if the family accepts such relationships with open arms, the fear of being abandoned by the society compels them to say no.

maintaining a relationship is not easy

maintaining a relationship is not easy

Due to the fear and pressure of the society, the success rate of such relationships also remains very low. Two people come together because of love, but the way they have to face difficulties at every step due to being in a same sex relationship, breaks them apart.

but don’t leave

but don't leave

The road to such love is not easy. On the other hand, if the family also does not support it, then it becomes even more difficult to face it.

It takes a lot of courage to open up about such relationships in front of your family. So if someone you know shares that they are gay, instead of making fun of them or putting them down, offer them emotional support.

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