If the challan of your vehicle has been issued then it is very easy to make online payment, know how?


New Delhi : in India festive season It has started. Now Navratri is also about to start. During festival days the crowd generally increases on the roads and in the markets. In such a situation, it becomes very difficult for people to drive. Many times traffic rules are violated knowingly or unknowingly. In today’s date, traffic police and transport department have become quite techno-friendly. With the use of technology, now in case of violation of traffic rules, no traffic policeman comes to you with a challan book to issue you a challan, but the third eye installed at the intersections (cctv cameras) only transport Department And Traffic police Tells which vehicle is violating traffic rules. Without you even realizing it, the receipt for the challan reaches your registered home address.

Now, as soon as you see the receipt of the traffic challan, your mind gets bogged down regarding the payment, because the Regional Transport Office (rto) Going and working is no less than a difficult task. If your work gets done even after standing in line for hours, then consider yourself lucky. Still, we want to tell you that if you have violated traffic rules knowingly or unknowingly and the receipt for the challan has reached your home, then you do not need to panic. Now you will ask why? So the answer is that it has become very easy to pay the challan amount. You can pay your challan amount online while sitting at home. How? So let us tell you its tips also.

Online payment through e-challan

Let us tell you that knowingly or unknowingly traffic rules You can also make online payment of the challan amount deducted after violation through e-challan. For this you will not need to go to RTO. E-Challan is the process of online challan payment, which we can pay through credit card, debit card and net banking. It has been issued by Digital Traffic and Transport Enforcement Solutions.

What is the purpose of e-challan

e-challan The purpose of this is to impose restrictions on traffic rules violations. Now you will not have to visit road transport offices to deposit the challan amount. This will save time and you will be able to pay the challan through your phone itself. If the driver does not have a valid driving license and other necessary documents while driving, then in such a situation he may have to face challan. Therefore, keep all the important documents with you while driving.

What will happen if the challan is not paid?

Many times people are not able to pay the challan amount because they are very busy. This increases their problems considerably, because if the challan amount is not paid, the challan goes to court after a certain time (about a month). Then it cannot be filled online and the four wheeler or two wheeler owner has to go to court to submit it.

How to make online payment of challan amount

  • To pay the challan amount, you will first have to visit the official website of the Transport Department, Echallan.parivahan.gov.in.

  • After this you will have to click on Check Online Service option.

  • Now select Check Challan Status from the menu given below.

  • Fill the asked captcha code before proceeding.

  • Go ahead and click on Get Details.

  • All the details of the challan will start appearing on the screen in front of you.

  • Look for Pay Now option and click on it.

  • Proceeding further, select the payment mode and make the payment.

  • As soon as the payment is successful, understand that the challan has been paid.

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