If the final match of Asia Cup is canceled due to rain, then how will the winner be chosen, know…


asia cup 2023 is at its peak. The Super Four matches have begun. Teams of Pakistan and India have reached Super Four from Group 1. While Sri Lanka and Bangladesh have managed to make it to Group B. first match of super four on wednesday Pakistan and Bangladesh played between. Pakistan won this match by seven wickets. However, so far no match of the Asia Cup has happened in Sri Lanka, in which the rain has not disturbed.

The final match will be held on 17 September

Super Four matches are to be played in Colombo. The final match will also be played in this city on 17th September. After the warning of heavy rain, it was being speculated that the Sri Lanka Cricket Board could shift the match from Colombo to some other city. But in the past, the board rejected all the speculations by refusing to change the venues. Now the biggest question is that what will happen if the final match of Asia Cup is also washed away due to rain.

there is no reserve day

The Asian Cricket Council has clearly said that no reserve day has been kept for the final as well. If the match is canceled due to rain, then the trophy will be shared between the two finalist teams. It is also clear that no reserve day has been kept for any Super Four match. This was the reason that after the cancellation of the league stage against India and Pakistan, both the teams were given one point each.

India and Pakistan match on 10 September

India and Pakistan will once again clash in the Asia Cup on Sunday, September 10. The Pakistan Cricket Board had already warned of heavy rain and asked to shift the match to another place. The PCB wanted to shift the matches to be held in Sri Lanka to the United Arab Emirates, but could not convince the ACC. Pakistan was the official host of this tournament.

Why Pakistan did not get hosting

In fact, at the end of last year, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah had clearly stated that the Indian team will not travel to Pakistan for the Asia Cup. Jai Shah is also the president of ACC. After this Pakistan got furious and many times threatened to boycott the World Cup which is going to be held by India this year. Pakistan also approached the ICC, but no hearing took place. Finally, Pakistan presented a hybrid model to the ACC.

What was the hybrid model of Pakistan

In the hybrid model presented by Pakistan, it was said that India can play in a neutral country and Pakistan should be given hosting matches other than India. In such a situation, the ACC decided that four matches of the tournament would be played in Pakistan and a total of nine matches, including the Super Four and the final, would be played in Sri Lanka. Colombo of Sri Lanka got the maximum number of matches hosted, but this city is troubled due to rain.

Why Asia Cup could not be held in UAE

In the opinion of Pakistan, matches held in other countries should have been held in UAE. Now when the match is getting interrupted due to rain, then Pakistan is again chanting that the remaining matches should be shifted to UAE. But ACC officials are of the opinion that the 50-over match should not be held in the UAE this summer. It is not in the interest of the players. Well now it is clear that Colombo will host the matches.

Indian team in Asia Cup

Pakistan team in Asia Cup

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