If the smartphone gets wet in the rain then follow these tips


These days the rainy season continues in India. In such a situation, if your smartphone gets wet due to going out in the rain, then you should follow some special tips. If you follow these steps, then it is possible that your locked smartphone will start again.dry the smartphone
If the smartphone got locked after getting wet, first of all dry the smartphone thoroughly with water and moisture. For this you have to dry it off completely. Same if the battery can be drained from the smartphone, then take out the battery of the phone. Also take out the SIM card and microSD card. After this the phone should be wiped with a clean cloth and placed in a dry place where there is ventilation.

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keep in rice packet
Another solution is to put your smartphone in a rice packet. Rice absorbs moisture from your phone. This restarts your smartphone.

charge the battery
When your smartphone is dry, you should charge it. Connect it to your original charger and plug it into a charging point. Note that the charger and charging point must be secure.

what not to do
If the smartphone is turned off due to getting wet, do not use a hair dryer to dry it, as excessive heating increases the risk of damaging the smartphone.
Do not charge a wet smartphone. Otherwise, due to moisture in the smartphone, short circuit may occur.

Note – If the smartphone does not turn on after following all these tips, then the smartphone should be shown to the technician.

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