If you also make these 5 mistakes while waxing at home, then your skin may get damaged.


Mumbai : To remove unwanted body hair, women resort to waxing. Most of the people get wax done from the salon itself. Many times we think of trying it at home too. While waxing, we make some such mistakes, which spoil your skin. Today we will talk about these mistakes, how to avoid the damage caused by it:

# Using excessive amounts of wax:

The main requirement for waxing involves applying an extremely thin layer of wax to each area of ​​your skin. This thin wax coats your hair effectively and protects them for easy removal. Excessive amounts of wax can result in uneven hair removal.

Also, overdoing the wax can result in an undesirable waxy residue forming on your skin. The best way to avoid this is to apply a thin layer of wax. Any remaining wax residue can be accomplished by immediately placing a fresh wax strip on top and rapidly peeling it off. By applying a thick layer of wax, the wax substance is wasted.

# Not preparing or cleaning the skin properly:

Preparing your skin for an even and smooth waxing experience is of vital importance. Use a damp towel or tissue to clean your skin, removing any dirt, oil or sweat. Afterward, make sure your skin is patted dry with a towel.

To keep skin moist and prevent excessive dryness or flaking after waxing, consider using pre-wax creams or gels. As a preliminary step before waxing, apply a thin layer of talcum powder on your skin to ensure a smooth and efficient hair removal process.

# Not heating the wax to the right temperature:

In the process of waxing, getting the right wax temperature is an important factor. The efficacy of hair removal is closely related to the temperature of the wax. If the wax is too cold, it tends to clump when applied and may not adhere effectively to the skin. Conversely, if the wax is excessively hot, there is a risk of skin burns. To prevent this, it is advised to allow the wax to reach room temperature for 5-7 minutes before applying it to your skin.

# Avoid applying it on wounds:

Waxing should be avoided on areas with any kind of cuts, open wounds or bruises.

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