If you also make these mistakes while washing your face, then be careful! Dainik Savera Times


Washing face is probably the easiest thing to do. But do you know how dangerous the way you wash your face can prove to be, we often make such mistakes while washing the face, which makes the face lifeless instead of being clean. Here are some of the common mistakes we all make:

The water for washing face should neither be too hot nor too cold. Too cold and too hot water can harm the face. In this case, the face should be cleaned with lukewarm water only.

If you use a scrubber to clean your face, then keep in mind that scrubbing should be done with soft hands only. Otherwise, rubbing marks can also be formed on the face.

If you have to remove makeup, instead of washing your face, first wipe it thoroughly with cotton. Only after that clean the face with water. By washing the makeup directly with water, the particles of makeup go into the pores of the skin, due to which they are closed.

If you are going to wash your face, clean your hands first. There is no use of cleaning the face with dirty hands.

It is also not right to wash the face too much. Frequent washing of the face reduces the brightness of the face.

After washing the face, it should be wiped with light hands. Wiping the face by rubbing it is not good at all.

Do not wash your face with soap at all. If your facewash is over, then instead of any chemical substance, you can use gram flour.

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