If you are also troubled by chapped lips, then follow these methods


It is necessary to take care of skin and lips in every season. This is because in the changing season, dryness comes on the lips, as well as the problem of chapped or chapped lips starts appearing. For its care, different types of lip balms are also available in the markets, which work to moisturize the lips. However, the effect of these lip balms lasts only for some time and dryness starts appearing on the lips again. That’s why we have brought some such tips for you, with the help of which you can take care of lips, let us tell you 5 great tips for lip care…

Beauty or makeup experts say that there is no effect of any weather on the lips, for this it is necessary that you consume things containing vitamins A and B. Because due to deficiency of Vitamin A and B, the lips start to look dry. To remove this deficiency, milk-curd, green vegetables, butter, ghee and fruits etc. can be consumed daily.

Pay special attention to your lips every night before sleeping. For this, apply desi ghee or coconut oil on your navel at night. By doing this your chapped lips will be cured and they will remain soft.

Apart from this, apply white butter or desi ghee on your lips every night before sleeping. Do the same after waking up in the morning. If you want, you can also apply petroleum jelly cream on your lips. Most of the people who use it believe that after doing this for a few days, the lips can become pink and soft.

It is very important to keep lips healthy in every season. For this, soak the petals of native rose on your lips and rub them on your lips for some time. By doing this daily, the color of your lips will start to look naturally pink and shiny. Apart from this, the dryness of the lips will also be removed. Before sleeping at night, along with the face, the lips must also be cleaned with water, only after that use any cream or ghee on the lips.

This also makes our lips look dry and chapped. That’s why it is important that whether you feel thirsty in winter or not, but keep consuming water from time to time. This will keep the lips soft and dryness will also go away.

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