If you are fed up with medicines then take the support of ‘Naturopathy’, know from experts how every disease will be treated – what is naturopathy and what does it treat know everything from experts in nbt medithon


Indian culture and tradition have given special importance to ancient Indian systems of medicine such as Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Siddha, and Homeopathy. The Government of India has established the ‘Ministry of AYUSH’ paying special attention to this tradition. It is an important part of the Government of India. Through policies, schemes and programs organized by the Ministry of AYUSH, it strives to preserve the ancient Indian medical practices. Not only this, the Ministry of AYUSH also works to increase the awareness of these methods among the people. Under this, various programs and schemes are run, which use various techniques and medical methods to strengthen health, prevent diseases and treat them. The ministry is also responsible for the development and management of India’s oldest medical system ‘Natural Medicine’ or ‘Naturopathy’.Nature’s greatest cure
The basic mantra of naturopathy is ‘the balance of the whole’. This means that naturopathy uses natural substances to improve the functioning of one’s body, diagnose and treat diseases. Herbs, plants, fruits, leaves, seeds and oils etc. are used in this therapy. What is Naturopathy, what are its benefits? You can join us in program Medithon organized by NBT to know the answers to all these questions which diseases it can cure or how we can take advantage of it in everyday life.

What is Medithon, how to take advantage
All your questions related to Naturopathy will be answered by the wellness coach himself in the Webinar ‘Medithon’ organized by NBT on 11th July at 1 pm. Many well-known doctors and experts will be there in this program, who will discuss about the importance of naturopathy and the diseases that can be cured by it. In this panel Professor Dr. Amrita A. Jagtap, Dr. Babina Nandkumar and Dr. Shivangi Pandey, will attend. So take advantage of this medithon and cure your diseases without medicines.

Registration Link- If you also have a desire to know about Naturopathy, do not forget to register yourself in Medithon. click on this link

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