If you do not get time to do workout, then do exercise sitting on the chair like this.


In today’s busy lifestyle, we do not have time to eat and drink only. Apart from eating and drinking, finding time for workout is even more difficult. How you can complete your workout and stay healthy while you are at office. In today’s fast-paced world, at least there is some merit in this excuse. Waking up early in the morning, getting the kids ready for school, giving them breakfast, preparing lunch tiffin for them, dropping them to the school bus stand, then getting myself ready for office and catching the 8 o’clock local so that To reach the office on time and avoid the scolding of the boss.

Returning from office tired late at night and going to bed early worrying about the next morning. By giving and taking, we get a Sunday for ourselves, but on that day so much time passes in washing clothes, bringing ration for the week, paying this bill, paying that bill etc. that there is no time for ourselves. This is true to some extent, but necessity is the mother of invention. There is no such busy schedule that one cannot find time for exercise. Yes, now you can exercise while sitting on your seat in the office or even while traveling and by doing this, fatigue also reduces and stress also goes away. Here are some useful tips to make you healthy through exercise:

Start slowly to warm up.
Throw some punches in the air.
First hit left punch twice, then twice
Hit the right punch.
– Then land a flurry of mixed punches.
– Throw some punches in the sides.
– Your neck automatically while punching
Will come into action.
In this way your neck will also get workout.
Just as you did arm and neck exercises while sitting on a chair, now do leg exercises while sitting.
Raise your leg forward in front of you.
Put more emphasis on raising the knee.
Lean forward and move the legs as if running.

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