If you search these things on mobile, you may have to pay fine along with going to jail – online searching may be dangerous for these objectionable product


In today’s time internet is present everywhere. But the internet literacy rate is extremely low. Means very few people know what should not be searched on mobile. Also, nothing should be uploaded or downloaded from the internet, because doing so can be a crime. In such a situation, you should know whether searching, downloading or uploading things comes under the ambit of crime.search for restricted content
If you search for any prohibited material, you will be convicted. And can become a participant of legal punishment. Also, making, selling, or trading in prohibited goods can lead to jail. In such a situation, one should get all the licenses from making that product to selling it. User should not search for unlicensed software, confidential information, obscene material, or information related to hacking and cracking.

search for information about criminal acts
If you search for information about criminal activities such as gambling, smuggling, hacking, or other crimes, you may be convicted of obtaining information about illegal activities. Along with this, you may also have to spend time in jail.

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downloading illegal content

It may be illegal to download any illegal material, such as cracked or pirated software, music, movies, or e-books. If you do piracy of movies. Or upload or download piracy movies online, then you will be found guilty of violating the rules of the Cinematography Act 1952. For this, there is a provision of minimum 3 years and Rs 10 lakh fine.

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