If you want good photos and videos, then these 5 cameras are necessary for the smartphone – top 5 camera lens for a best smartphone check all details


Smartphones are used for different types of photo and videography. In such a situation, it is necessary for a good smartphone that some special types of cameras should be given in it. There are usually 5 types of cameras used in smartphones, which makes your photo and videography unique.These cameras are necessary in the phone
Main Camera: This is the main camera. It is used for your general photography and video recording. This camera is in the rear of the phone. Also, its megapixels are the highest.

Front Camera:
This camera is placed on the front of the phone. It is set in such a way that with the help of a single lens, all the features like portrait to zoom can be given.

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Telephoto/Zoom Camera:
This camera is mostly used to capture photos and videos of distant things. Through this, you will be able to capture clear and crystal photo and video clicks of distant things.

Micro/Macro Camera: This camera is used to click photos of small and very fine details. For this the photo has to be clicked very closely. For example, this sensor is used for things like flowers, insects.

Sensor/Depth Sensing Camera: This camera supports photography, portrait mode and Bokeh effect. It is used to blur the background in the photo.

If you want to identify a good camera phone, pay attention to these five key things.

Megapixels (MP)
It is generally believed that more megapixels can help for higher resolution and detailed photography. That’s why more megapixels are given in a good camera phone.

Optical/Digital Zoom: If you are interested in photography of distant things, then a good camera phone should be with optical zoom.

Lens and Aperture: A good camera phone comes with a good quality lens and aperture, which helps you capture good photography under better lighting.

night mode:
If you want to do photography at night, then the phone should have night camera mode.

video capture: A good camera phone should have features like video capture with high resolution and slo-mo video recording, stabilization and better audio quality.

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