If your marriage is going to happen soon then this pre bridal beauty care will come in handy for you.


Chanchal Chitwan Yes, every future groom has this desire that his companion should have this form on the altar of marriage. On the other hand, every bride-to-be has the same desire that her beauty-beautified beauty should intoxicate her lover. Therefore, if you are also going to be a bride, then start paying attention to your appearance, food and beauty about one and a half to two months before the wedding.

Stay stress free: Nowadays most of the girls come under the category of working girl, so do yoga to stay physically and mentally fit and stress-free. To reduce the stress level, resort to a picnic, movie or body spa because your mind will feel happy with the glow of your face.

Refine the face: To enhance the beauty of the face, do daily cleansing, toning and moisturizing. Do not forget to apply sunscreen half an hour before stepping out in the sun.

Salon Visit: Consult your beautician about pre-bridal and bridal makeup at least 1-2 months before the wedding so that if you need any special treatment, it can be started. Follow beauty sittings and beauty rules from time to time so that your beauty remains at the time of marriage and even after that.

Try new products but not blindly: Avoid using any new cosmetics a few days before the wedding. If you have any kind of allergy then definitely tell your beautician.

Wedding Dress and Jewellery: Make an outline about your wedding dress, jewelery and make-up in advance by meeting with a beauty expert so that you can get your desired look on the wedding day. While planning wedding dress and jewellery, choose outfit and jewelery according to your skin complexion and figure.

According to the season: If your wedding is in summer then use matte makeup and if it is in winter then use creamy makeup. Bright, dark and fine shimmery shine color tones are perfect in the winter season.

Bridal Packages: Nowadays special packages are available by salons in the market which you can adopt according to your beauty treatment and budget. For this, consult a beautician without hesitation. Keep getting Covid test done from time to time and take both the vaccine doses before marriage because during marriage many people have to meet without mask. Wedding day is the most special day of your life. Therefore, there is no shortage on this day, for this there is a great need of scheduling.

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