If you’re lucky, it’s like this! Lottery ticket worth Rs 200 made a man a millionaire overnight


New Delhi (Uttam Hindu News): A person’s fortune in Britain brightened overnight. He had bought a lottery ticket by spending only Rs 200 and that ticket made him rich in an instant, which he could never have even dreamed of. Actually, the person has won the lottery worth 3.8 million pounds i.e. about Rs 38 crore.

This is considered to be Britain’s second biggest lottery jackpot, because just a few days before this, another person had won a lottery worth 5.2 million pounds i.e. about Rs 52 crore. Although the person has not been identified yet because he has not yet contacted the lottery officials, but the lottery company is trying to contact him.

According to the report of Mirror, the lottery ticket on which the person won Rs 38 crore was worth only 2 pounds i.e. about Rs 200 and the same Rs 200 made him the owner of crores. The lottery company said that lottery draws are held every week on Saturday and Wednesday and the winners are announced.

The rule of this lottery is that ticket buyers are given numbers from 1 to 59, out of which 6 numbers have to be selected. Then whoever matches all the 6 numbers on the ticket becomes the lucky winner and becomes a millionaire in an instant. Although lakhs of people buy these lottery tickets, but only a few of them are lucky ones who get a bumper lottery.

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