Immunity Boost: These 5 things are necessary for immunity boost in monsoon, consume daily


Immunity Boost: Since the arrival of monsoon may bring relief from the scorching heat, but during this time due to moisture, infections and diseases increase rapidly. Due to which the cases of fever and infection start increasing rapidly in people. In such a situation, it is more important that we should take special care of ourselves and our family, especially the old people and children in the house. Along with it, it is necessary to take special care of cleanliness around. Also, the environment of the house should be such where fresh air comes. So that the house does not smell in monsoon. Today we will discuss in detail how to prevent and boost immunity from rising diseases in monsoon.

ways to prevent diseases

Due to which it becomes important to strengthen our defense system. Fortunately, nature has provided us with nutrition in abundance which can help us avoid these seasonal ailments. However, for this you do not need to spend from the packet, you can strengthen your immune system with some simple things from your home kitchen. Nutritionist Lavneet Batra shares some food items that can be a part of your diet during monsoon to boost immunity and ward off infections.

consumption of basil

Tulsi Sev

Tulsi is known for its medicinal properties in Ayurveda. It acts as a Natural Immune Booster. It enhances the activity of T helper cells and natural killer cells, which are important components of our immune system.

How to consume Tulsi leaves

These cells play an important role in fighting infections and keeping us healthy during the monsoon season. Consuming basil leaves directly, making them into herbal teas, or adding them to soups and curries can help you reap their benefits.

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ginger intake

ginger intake

According to the expert, another beneficial food is ginger. Known for its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, ginger is rich in compounds such as gingerols, paradoles, sesquiterpenes, shogaols and zingerone.

benefits of ginger

Ginger improves the absorption and transport of nutrients to the tissues of the body, which is very important to keep cold and flu at bay.

How to consume ginger

You can add grated ginger to your tea, soups and stir-fries,” wrote Lavneet Batra. Adding grated ginger to your tea, soups and stir-fries can help keep cold and flu at bay.

intake of black pepper

intake of black pepper

Black pepper, often referred to as the “King of Spices”, is another powerful ally during the monsoon season. It contains a compound called piperine, which is known for its antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Regular consumption of black pepper can enhance your body’s defense mechanism, protect it from harmful pathogens and reduce the risk of falling ill. Sprinkling black pepper on your dishes enhances the taste along with providing many health benefits.

eating curry leaves

eating curry leaves

Curry leaves, which are a staple of Indian cuisine, are rich in compounds such as linalool, alpha-terpinene, myrcene, mahanimbine, caryophyllene, murraynol and alpha-pinene. These compounds act as antioxidants, which play an important role in keeping our body healthy and disease-free. Curry leaves can be used in your daily cooking, especially used in curries, soups and lentil dishes. Which enhances the taste of any food.

lemon juice

lemon juice

Lemon, rich in Vitamin C, potassium and calcium, is highly desirable for strengthening the body’s defenses and preventing many diseases. Its ability to regenerate white corpuscles makes it a powerful immune booster. Adding a squeeze of lemon juice to warm water or using it as a dressing on salads can help you enjoy its benefits.

(Disclaimer: The information given in this article is based on general beliefs. does not confirm these. Our advice is to contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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