Impact of Israel-Palestine Conflict will soon be visible in India, gold and silver prices may increase

These days there is a situation of war in Israel. The ongoing standoff between Israel and Hamas can have an impact not only on these two countries but on the entire world. Clouds of uncertainty are looming over the geopolitical stability of the Middle East due to the ongoing war between Israel and the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas. This situation is also worrying for India given its dependence on crude oil and strong trade relations with Israel.

At the same time, positive or negative things happening in any country in the world also affect other countries of the world. At present, India was recovering from the losses of the war between Russia and Ukraine when now the war between Israel and Palestine has started. According to industry experts, the impact of this war between the two countries can be seen in the long run and is going to be very negative.

However, at present the effect of this war will not be visible. The effect of this war going on between the two countries will be visible on the prices of gold and silver. In a few days, the festive season will be at its peak and during this time gold and silver are purchased extensively. Due to the impact of the war, buying gold and silver may have a greater impact on people’s pockets.

According to experts, if the war spreads across West Asia, then supplying crude oil can become a big challenge. Domestic stock market investors are already spooked by the ongoing conflict, with experts saying any further tensions could have a negative impact on the broader Indian economy.

The immediate impact of this conflict will be seen in the form of increase in oil prices. Now, this is deeply impacting India as it is the world’s third largest importer of crude oil. When oil prices go up, often the prices of everything go up and that’s not good news for a country that depends heavily on oil imports. This could increase inflation and slow economic growth. Palka Arora Chopra, director, Master Capital Services Ltd, said oil prices could rise due to rising geopolitical risks in the Middle East. This could have a lasting and significant impact on oil markets, potentially resulting in a sustained reduction in oil supply. A rise in crude oil prices could impact domestic inflation and keep interest rates high for a long time.

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