Important to know: 3 common smartphone problems and their solutions – here are common smartphone problems know how to fix it


Until a few years back, mobile phones used to come from Chhotu. Whereas, now is the era of advanced smartphones. As technology has progressed, smartphones have been made better. In today’s time, life is considered incomplete without a mobile phone. Although this device is very smart, but sometimes the phone bothers so much that it becomes difficult to ignore its problems.

Today we are telling you about some common problems of the smartphone and will also tell their solutions as well. After this, your phone will start working at the speed of a rocket. So let’s know.

Common smartphone problems and their solutions:
Slow Smartphone:
You must have felt many times that the phone has started slowing down. Now it becomes difficult to understand how to fix it. As the phone gets older, new updates to its apps and operating system start putting more load on the phone’s RAM. In such a situation, if you spend more time on the phone, then the processing power of your phone starts decreasing.

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Its solution is that you have to clear the cache of the phone continuously. This creates space in the phone and does not put too much stress on the RAM. Apart from this, if there are some apps that you have not used for a long time, then you should delete them immediately without thinking. Upload your data to cloud service. Along with this, you can also transfer the phone’s data to your PC. This will increase the speed of the phone.

Phone overheating: Sometimes there is a problem of heating of the phone. This can hurt battery and screen life. There are many reasons for phone overheating, whose solution is known below.

Solution: If you are glued to the phone all day, the phone is bound to heat up. The way we need rest. Similarly, smartphones and gadgets also need to be given some rest. To reduce this problem, you have to put the phone on power-saver mode. Also reduce the brightness of the screen. Don’t run Wi-Fi and Bluetooth unnecessarily. Do not use the phone while the battery is charging.

Battery Drain: There is a lot of problem of battery drain in the phone. The problem of frequent phone battery drain is also a common problem. By the way, using the phone continuously also drains the battery of the phone quickly. But even if some settings are changed, this problem gets fixed.

Solution: You have to reduce the screen brightness of your phone. Also, do not keep services like location service, Bluetooth, mobile data, GPS on without any work. Turn it off when not working. This will not drain the battery quickly. Apart from this, to maintain charging for a long time, the battery-saver mode has to be turned on. This makes the battery last longer than normal.

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