In the last year, India has drawn new lines on the path of resolve to become self-reliant.

New pictures of positivity emerged in the last year. Most of the big positive news are related to economic achievements and new political equations. Assembly elections held at the end of the year, women empowerment, cultural renaissance, inauguration of the new Parliament House, power of Swadeshi in every field and parliamentary politics, some major decisions of the Supreme Court, scientific achievements like Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya L-1 mission. More hopeful news than despair have indicated that the golden age of independence will be truly blissful. The direction and condition of India is changing. In the last year, many positive approaches from politics to social, economic to sports, security to harmony have strengthened the belief of Sabka Saath-Sabka Vikas-Sabka Vishwas. Indian players took a big step in the world of sports by breaking many records in the Asian Games held in Hangzhou, China. His biggest achievement is getting ‘more than a hundred medals’ in the medal tally. This achievement is not enough considering the size of the country, but when compared with previous performances, it is huge. It is also underlining the changing socio-economic status of India. The share market remains at a high level, defying all the speculations. GDP is increasing and GST collection is also increasing. The country’s foreign exchange reserves reached a 20-month high of $616 billion in the week ending December 15. This is the highest level since March 25, 2022.

Running on the path of determination to become self-reliant, India has proved its independence in every field. We have built everything from warships and light combat aircraft to deadly drones. We are making 99 percent of the mobiles used in the country ourselves. India has surprised the whole world by landing its spacecraft on the south pole of the Moon. India is exporting indigenous weapons, equipment, drones, spare parts to more than 85 countries. We are becoming self-reliant in defense products. There has been a 23 percent increase in the export of defense products as compared to the year 2013-14. There is a famous proverb that it is good to be a saint with one’s own intelligence, it is not good to be a king with someone else’s intelligence. But we are becoming kings with our intelligence, skills and technology.

The year 2023 was historic from the point of view of women. Women have earned a lot of fame in fields like sports, politics, science, business. Savitri Jindal’s name appeared among the richest women in the country, similarly many women are creating new records in the economic field. In this year, the bugle of women empowerment was sounded when ‘Nari Shakti Vandan Act’ was announced in the month of September. In the Parliament, the Central Government announced to reserve 33 percent seats for women in the Lok Sabha and Legislative Assemblies, this historic decision will change the picture of the future of women. At present there are total 543 members of Lok Sabha. Currently there are 82 women in the House. After the Nari Shakti Vandan Act comes into effect, there will be 181 women MPs. This difference will not be just a matter of figures but it will paint a picture of a strong country. The stains of domestic violence, sexual harassment tarnish the chapter of 2023, but the matter of relief is that the Union Home Minister recently introduced three bills including ‘Indian Judicial Code 2023’ to reform the justice system. The Indian Judicial Code 2023 will replace the old Penal Code of 1860. One of the major strengths of the Indian Judicial Code 2023 lies in the priority given to provisions related to crimes against women. The provision of strict punishment for harassment of women assures that crimes against women will be curbed. Last year ended with the Delhi stop of Rahul Gandhi’s ‘Bharat-Jodo Yatra’ and this year the outcome of that visit was that 26 major opposition parties met in Bengaluru on July 18, laying the foundation of ‘New Coalition India’ for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections. Sounding the election bugle. The disqualification and reinstatement of Rahul Gandhi from the Lok Sabha and the suspension of 146 MPs in the winter session of Parliament have pointed to some serious questions related to parliamentary politics.

Amidst the situations of violence, terror and war, India has created a unique environment of cultural and religious upliftment and upliftment, a unique initiative has been taken to restore the glory of India. After five hundred years, Shri Ram will be installed in the temple from a tent in Ayodhya at the beginning of the new year. The inauguration of the Vishwanath Dham complex in Varanasi can be called a special undertaking to give a new dimension and vision to the political thinking of India. The religious-cultural traditions and ideal life values ​​of our country have been rich and strong, but the previous governments have tarnished their glory by giving political perspective. But the new political thinking and power has attracted India to the world with its cultural and religious splendor, which can be called the happy events of the past year. Certainly, Kashi and Ayodhya will become the symbol of nationalism and will become the basis of a strong India. This will not only provide a lot of convenience to the devotees going there, but will also give dignity to a symbol of faith and civilization which is shrinking within narrow limits. The Supreme Court, while giving an important decision on December 11, said that Article 370 was a temporary arrangement and the decision to remove it is completely constitutional. This decision gave legal seal to the decision of August 5, 2019 to make Article 370 ineffective. From the point of view of India’s intervention in global politics, the G-20 and Shanghai Cooperation Organization summits held in Delhi played an important role.

By inaugurating the Kashi campus in a grand and dignified manner, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made every India realize self-confidence, self-culture and self-existence. The cultural splendor of India has been unmatched in the world, but due to so-called political interests and narrow-mindedness, instead of bringing this splendor in front of the world, there have been continuous attempts and conspiracies to forget it. It is a happy situation that now the confidence to give shape to the dreams seen with our waking eyes has awakened, hence the atmosphere and intention to protect life values ​​and cultural heritage and create a new India is being seen, which is auspicious for the new year. It is indicative of the emergence of a new and prosperous India.

The past year has also given scenes of sorrow and disappointment. The disappointments related to Himachal Pradesh floods, Silkyara Tunnel, Balasore (Balasore) train accident, violence in Manipur and the shameful videos that went viral during it should also not be forgotten. During the winter session on December 13, the anniversary of the Parliament attack, some people jumped inside and released yellow smoke from a can. The news of the public shooting of gangster-turned-politician Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf in Uttar Pradesh made a lot of headlines this year. In the month of April, Khalistani supporter Amritpal was arrested after a continuous chase for a month.

Every day of the past year was dedicated to the charismatic and militant personality and policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Because of him a new perspective on India developed in the world. There was a resounding victory in the assembly elections fought in his name. There are many reasons behind the success of BJP in all three states. Strong leadership, organizational capacity, resources, cultural base and welfare schemes etc. Let us awaken a new resolve in India by avoiding this old argument that ‘what has not happened till now will never happen in future’. Draw new lines of construction without erasing any. This courageous journey will give meaning to energy, time and labor in the new year.

– Lalit Garg

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