Include these food items in your diet to increase sexual power, sexual weakness will go away


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Day-to-day running, mental stress, work depression and lack of pure nutritious food are the reasons which along with reducing your sexual power, also cause physical power and other diseases. Because proper diet not only affects your general health but it also affects your sexual health.

Low sex drive in men is also due to wrong eating habits. Because of which there is a lack of nutritional elements in the body and it gives rise to many problems and due to this lack of sexual power is a major problem. Due to the lack of sexual power, the married life of newly married couples is completely destroyed. At present, the news of breakup of relationships comes, probably seventy percent of them are not satisfied during the physical contact of the youth.

Everyone is worried about this problem. Not eating at the right time also creates this problem. To overcome this problem, people like to take medicines. Due to these, one can get relief from this problem for one time but it cannot be removed completely. Those things should be included in its food, which can eliminate this problem from the root.

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Amla is a good remedy for strength. Eat about 10 grams of green and raw gooseberry with honey. If you eat it every morning, then the sexual power will increase and the body will be strong.

green leafy Vegetables And seasonal Fruit

Include green vegetables, sprouted grains, fruits, ghee, honey, milk etc. in your diet, whatever fruits you get according to the season, start eating those fruits. Make it a habit to eat salad as well.


Sexual power can be increased by consuming ginger. It should be eaten during dinner or ginger tea should be consumed.


Consumption of cardamom can also increase sexual power. For this, adding cardamom to tea and drinking it daily is also beneficial.


Banana makes the weak body strong. Eating two bananas after dinner ends sexual debility and gives strength to the body.


If the food is made a little spicy, it releases endorphins which make you feel good. It is very important to have a good mood to build a relationship. Which is made quickly with chili.


Four-five dates, two-three cashews and two almonds should be boiled and cooked very well in 300 grams of milk and mixed with two teaspoons of sugar candy, should be taken daily at bedtime. This increases sexual desire and power to work.


Garlic not only enhances the taste of your food but also enhances your sex life. Consumption of 2-3 cloves of garlic daily increases sexual power.

basil Of Seed And White Muesli

Make a powder by taking 15 grams of basil seeds and 30 grams of white muesli, then grind 60 grams of sugar candy in it and fill it in a vial. Mixing 5 grams of this powder in milk in the morning and evening and drinking it also cures sexual problems.


Lemon removes weakness and creates new energy in the body. Mix it with salt or sugar and drink it with lukewarm water.


If there is weakness in the body, then take ghee. Eat ghee and honey mixed after dinner. With this, along with memory, the strength of the body and semen increases.

moong laddoos

Mix desi ghee in moong flour and fry it well. Make laddus by adding sugar, almonds, pistachios, cardamom, cloves and black pepper. Eat these laddus daily with milk, it will strengthen the body and also increase semen.

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