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US President Joe Biden arrives in Delhi for the G-20 summit Prime Minister Narendra Modi after his bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi Modi and President Joe Biden have once again not only expressed their country’s commitment to the Quad organization, but have also given a direct message to China that its activities for peace in the Indian Pacific region will be monitored through this organization. Will be kept. The two leaders also reviewed talks they had on GE jet engines and resolving the WTO dispute when they met in Washington in June. This was the third meeting between the two leaders in five months. Quad is an organization of America, India, Japan and Australia, which is rapidly taking shape after the year 2017. These countries say that the purpose of the Quad is to make the Indo-Pacific region open, peaceful and equal opportunity for all. Quad leaders met in Japan in May to discuss creating an alternative system to replace the current global supply chain arrangement under the Quad. This issue also came up in the meeting between Modi and Biden. The two leaders emphasized that steps should be taken to ensure the reliability of the supply chain associated with semiconductor manufacturing. In this regard, the decision of American companies to invest in India has been welcomed. The two leaders expressed satisfaction at the growing India-US relationship in the field of technology needed for cutting-edge industries. The next meeting of the Quad is to be held in India next year. In the meeting that lasted for about 50 minutes, the US reiterated its support for India’s longstanding demand for change in global organisations. Biden supported the demand to include India as a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council and welcomed India’s re-entry into the Council as a non-permanent member in the year 2028-29. Biden congratulated the Indian space agency ISRO on the success of its missions Chandrayaan-3 and Aditya-L One. Cooperation is taking place at many levels between the space agencies of India and America, which has the support of Modi and Biden. Both the countries together want to send their scientists to space. It will be finalized by December. Biden, who is visiting India for the first time after becoming the President, praised the role played by India as the Chairman of the G-20. Modi and Biden expressed hope that the summit being held in New Delhi will make progress in building global consensus on sustainable development, multilateral cooperation and economic policies. Important points of Modi-Biden meeting • Expressed commitment to strengthen strategic and defense relations between India and America. • India will buy 331 MQ-9B drones from American defense company General Atomics. • GE Aerospace and HAL will jointly manufacture GE F-414 jet engine in India. • Also welcomed the start of talks for agreement between GE Aerospace and HAL. • Both countries will work at a fast pace on the technology transfer proposal. • Will increase cooperation on nuclear energy, 6G and Artificial Intelligence. • America supported India’s membership in the Nuclear Suppliers Group. • Both countries will increase cooperation on ways to reshape multilateral development banks. • US President Biden welcomed the issuance of the letter of request by the Indian Defense Ministry for the purchase of drones. • India should develop as a center for repair of American naval ships and other works. • To conduct a mid-term review of the Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies (ICET) in September, 2023.

In view of the coming political and economic changes at the world level, increasing conflicts and especially the negative and aggressive policies being adopted by China towards both India and America, the friendship of India and America has become a threat to China’s arbitrary thinking and negative policies at the world level. It is necessary to control it. Along with Indo-US friendship, strengthening of Quad i.e. America, India, Japan and Australia is the need of the hour.

It has become necessary that India should strengthen its relations at the international level due to pressure and confrontation on India’s borders and China claiming India’s territory as its own by making a wrong map!

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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