India can contribute to end war in Ukraine: US Ambassador to Kiev


Brink also commended India for its efforts to uphold the global order based on democracy and rule of law.

US Ambassador to Ukraine Bridget A Brink on Wednesday said that India, with its growing global stature and current presidency of the G-20, can make a significant contribution to ending the war in Ukraine. In a special online briefing for some Indian journalists, Brink said that India’s leadership is important in solving various global challenges and New Delhi’s growing concern about the adverse effect of war on the ‘Global South’ sets the stage for this. She can play a role in mitigating the crisis. He said the United States looks forward to working with all our partners and allies around the world, including India, to support freedoms and democracies.

Brink said, “There are two things I see every day from Kiev (the capital of Ukraine). The devastating effects of the war and the strength and fighting spirit of the Ukrainian people. The Ambassador said that India’s aspirations for global leadership and its call for collective action through the G-20 theme of ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’ reflect the spirit that is needed to achieve ‘Peace’ . He said the war has had a huge impact on the global economy, food security and the basic principles on sovereignty and territorial integrity enshrined in the UN Charter. “With your country’s leadership of the G-20 this year, your country’s leadership is key to shaping global developments, including in places like Ukraine,” Brink said.

India has not yet condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine. India is insisting on resolving the conflict through dialogue and diplomacy. In September last year, during a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Uzbekistan city of Samarkand, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said “the age is not of war” and urged the Russian leader to end the conflict. “I know the people of India understand the importance of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, and India’s leaders have spoken about these foundational principles,” Brink said. Brink also commended India for its efforts to uphold the global order based on democracy and rule of law.

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