India has made a brilliant decision by avoiding joining NATO Plus


America is upset. It has been trying for a long time to take India into its fold. America knows that India is a strong nation. Looking at the strong response given by India to China’s aggression, not only America, the whole world has become convinced of India.

Due to the understanding of the central leadership of India, India narrowly escaped from going into the clutches of America. The effort of the country should be that its neutral nature should not be harmed. India’s slightest mistake can harm its friendly countries. His slightest mistake can make him lose his trusted companions. America has been desperate to take India into its fold for a long time. That’s why he is praising him, amusing him. Is luring Now it wants to include India in NATO Plus. America had started the exercise of giving ‘NATO Plus’ status to India by stating the purpose of speeding up the transfer of arms and technology. India’s Foreign Minister Jaishankar had recently made it clear that India is not very keen on ‘NATO Plus’ status. After this, a revised resolution was placed in the US lower house of representatives, in which there was no mention of giving NATO plus status to India. The word NATO Plus was also removed from the supplementary resolution tabled last week.

Actually, America is upset with India’s stand. It has been trying for a long time to take India into its fold. America knows that India is a strong nation. Looking at the strong response given by India to China’s aggression, not only America, the whole world has become convinced of India. About three years ago, China tried to do mischief in Arunachal Pradesh. Seeing his attitude, India erected a wall of its army on the China border. Apart from this, India is capable of handling any military challenge today. He is making one to one modern weapon missile, tank, radar and fighter aircraft. Preparing an air strip on its National Highway for the situation of war.

Like India, America is also troubled by China’s aggression. He is looking for alternatives to compete with him. It is looking for such countries which are strong and have a dispute with China. In such a situation, India lives up to its scale. China is eager to take Taiwan in its clutches. He can attack her anytime. The US and Taiwan have a security alliance. America will have to join the war if Taiwan is attacked. In such a situation, he is looking for strong enemies of China. America wants India to support them indirectly in the China-Taiwan dispute. Former Pentagon official Elbridge Colby has also said in Nikkei Asia in the past that if a war-like situation arises between China and Taiwan, India will not directly help Taiwan, but it can be assumed that India will also fight against China. Ladakh may reopen the front. Amidst the ongoing tension with China, America has praised India a lot. US Navy’s Operational Head Admiral Mike Gilday has said that India can play an important role in countering China in future. He also said that India would prove to be an important partner for the US during tensions with China. Mike Gilde said this at the Heritage Foundation’s in-person seminar in Washington. Mike said that if he has spent more time than any other country, it is India. This is because in the coming times, India will prove to be a strategic partner for America.

In the present situation, America is eager to bring India into its fold. Second, he is a big arms dealer. He is selling his weapons to the world. He also wants to sell weapons to India, while India’s strong friend is Russia. Russia has stood by India in every crisis. In 1965, India reached out to Russia when America refused to give arms to India. Russia has been giving modern weapons and technology to India for a long time. When necessary, he has also been vetoing the resolution against India in the United Nations.

NATO was established in 1849 to reduce the influence of Russia. Initially it had 12 countries including America. Today there are 30 members of this organization. NATO is a military alliance. In the event of an attack on any country of this alliance, all the allied countries together respond to the attack. Five more countries have been included in this organization. They come in NATO Plus. To curb China’s bullying in Taiwan and its siege, the Select Committee of the US Congress had recommended giving ‘NATO Plus’ status to India. His excuse was that if India joins NATO Plus, America will be able to easily give its modern technology and weapons to India. While he is still eager to give India the technology and weapons it has asked for. If India joins NATO Plus, then India will have to end relations with Russia. Today India is neutral in the Russo-Ukraine war. India will have to stand against Russia by joining NATO.

Secondly, Russia is an old ally of India and a tried and true friend in times of crisis. America is a businessman. He can never be trusted. Anyway, America has been cheating from time to time. Has been threatening. India took S-400 missile defense system from Russia. America started protesting in 2018 as soon as the talk of this deal was going on. Had started warning to ban India. He did not want India to buy from Russia. He wanted to sell his system. India bought this system ignoring his warnings and threats. After this his tone changed. He started saying that it was necessary for India. Its purchase was necessary for India in view of its dispute with China. During the Russo-Ukraine war, India felt that it would face a crisis of petroleum products. The Gulf countries were already showing some cartography. The Gulf countries had already increased their oil rates as well. In such a situation, India’s old and true friend Russia offered to give cheap oil. India accepted him. India increased the purchase of oil from Russia. NATO countries including America opposed it. America and its coalition countries had already imposed economic sanctions on Russia. By ignoring this warning and ban, India showed them the mirror. Told the truth that many of your countries are taking oil and gas from Russia. Seeing India not getting threatened, they became silent. America had to accept that Russia is an old friend of India. India has a big dependence on Russia for arms supply, so it is not right to ban it. Taking a major decision in favor of India in the US House of Representatives, the proposal to amend the National Defense Authorization Act was approved.

Actually America wanted to take India under threat in the beginning. When India did not come under threat, it has now started wooing India. His attitude has never been reliable. That’s why India has to be careful with America like China. Russia is India’s old and troubled friend. He is always ready to give all the necessary material and technology to India. The US has recently signed defense deals to transfer jet engine manufacturing technology to India. At the same time, France has also agreed to make fighter jet engines with India. In such a situation, instead of depending on one country, India should take advanced and good equipment with cheap technology from there. It should also be in the agreement that the company will not only give the technology of the product to India but will also make the product in India.

-Ashok Madhup

(The author is a senior journalist)

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