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In the meeting of the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) regarding the new National Education Policy, it was decided that under the new education policy, the word ‘Bharat’ will now be used in place of ‘India’ in the new books. Professor CI Isaac, chairman of a high-level committee, told the media that his committee has recommended the use of the word ‘Bharat’ in place of ‘India’ in all NCERT textbooks. Also, suggestions like including classical history in place of ancient history and Indian knowledge tradition prominently in all subjects have been given. Pro. Isaac is a Padmashree and a renowned historian. He has also been on the Indian Council of Historical Research and has been associated with Sangh Parivar organizations for decades.

He told that ‘Bharat’ is a centuries old name. The name ‘Bharat’ is used in ancient texts such as the Vishnu Purana, which is 7,000 years old. The committee has also recommended underlining the victories of Hindus in wars. Currently, only our failures are mentioned in the books. The British have shown Indian history to be the past. The committee has suggested that the classical period of Indian history should be taught along with the middle and modern periods.

Opposition parties have come out in protest against the recommendation of the NCERT committee. Opposition parties say that the word ‘India’ is still used on Indian passports and other important documents, then why only the word ‘Bharat’? Who will explain to the opposition parties, following the path of protest just for the sake of protest, that the Government of India has not imposed any restriction on the use of the name ‘India’. If it wants to be imposed, changes will have to be made in the Constitution. The government’s only intention is to connect Indians with their past and make them aware of Indian culture and history. There should have been protest if the government had banned the word ‘India’, but the government is not doing so. The aim of the government is to make the new generations aware of India’s past and prepare them for the future.

The word India has its own history and since ages the country has been identified with the name ‘Bharat’. Regarding India, Sri Aurobindo says, ‘The ancient era of India was revealed by the achievement of spirituality. The Middle Ages of India ended with the invention of religion. And the last era brought many subtle methods and experiments. God chooses a country where the higher knowledge is protected by the few or by the many amidst all the danger. Right now, at least in this Chatyuga, this country is India. Whenever he has to face ignorance, division, pain and sorrow, weakness and tears, see the selfishness, tamas and rajasic joy and the play of Kali; They glorify the knowledge of India and put it in the midst of weakness and degradation so that it retires from life and does not interfere in the activities of Leela. When they want to rise from this mire and make the Narayana hidden in man powerful, awake and joyful again, then they expand the knowledge of India. When knowledge expands itself, the soul of India awakens with it. Yogis come forward and work for the world. Yogis like Janak, Ajatashatru and Kartavirya sit on the throne of the world and rule the nations. We are not an ordinary race. As ancient as our mountains and rivers, we have left behind us a great history which no race can suppress. We are the children of those who performed rigorous penance and chose renunciation and poverty for the sake of spirituality.

This spiritual power is the root of India’s education, civilization, pride, strength and importance. Whenever such a situation arose that people began to believe that the time of destruction of the Indian race was near, then spiritual power flowed with great speed from the secret source and revived Mumurshu Bharat and all Has also created useful powers. Even now that original source has not dried up. That amazing power of death is being played even today… Our ancient civilization can survive even the most harsh comparison with the civilizations of the ancient era or the medieval period. More ambitious than the Greek civilization, more subtle, versatile, research-loving and serious than the Roman civilization, more noble and gentle than the ancient Egyptian civilization, more generous and spiritual than the ancient Egyptian civilization, more vast and original than any other Asian civilization, the eighteenth century Far more intellectual than the civilization of Europe before us, the mistress of all that was there in all these civilizations and even more, this Indian civilization has been more powerful, self-contained, inspirational and more glorious than all the past human cultures.

The sentiments expressed about India by Sri Aurobindo years ago are similar to those expressed by our other great men from time to time. The country has a distinct identity in the world with the word India. ‘India’ does not have what India has. To connect with our past, using the word India should be our priority, because it is a symbol of our glorious culture and civilization, of which every Indian is proud. ‘India’ is basically a gift to the slave country of the British rulers. NCERT’s recommendation to use the word ‘India’ is an important step towards getting rid of this symbol of slavery.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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