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Khalistani slogans written on the walls of Delhi’s metro station in the past have been used on posters and in temples in Canada. The memory of the incidents of vandalism that took place has been refreshed. It is clear from the incident of insulting the tricolor in Canada itself that the frustration of Khalistan supporters is increasing day by day. Khalistan supporters in foreign countries keep on saying and doing something or the other against India and especially against Hindus. Khalistan supporters in many countries of the world including London and America, while opposing India also forget that due to their nefarious activities, the image of the Sikh community is also being affected badly.

Agencies probing anti-national incidents believe that Khalistani groups are misusing Sikh youth for their anti-national propaganda in India. Khalistani organizations identify youths who find them on social media or comment with anti-India sentiments. Sources say that they gradually start radicalizing them with their agenda, forcing them to write anti-India slogans on the walls. Indian Sikhs also feel that the Khalistan issue is being blown out of proportion and are unhappy that the entire community is losing respect due to the fundamentalist approach of separatists, the report said. The Sikh groups feel that they are known for their hospitality and charity, but this has been affected by the violence of the Khalistanis. They say that ordinary Sikhs are harassed or threatened by aggressive Sikh activists in other parts of the world. The rise of pro-Khalistan extremist ideology is having a negative impact on Sikhs in other countries and tarnishing their image as well. Sources have also been quoted in the media report as saying that they show the youth the 1984 riots and the operation in the Golden Temple. These youths are mainly born after 1984 and they easily fall prey to these so-called Khalistani organizations. They ask them to write slogans and put up flags on the walls and promise them US$1,000-2,000 in exchange for the videos and pictures they make.

Pro-Khalistan supporters, instigated and supported by Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the chief terrorist of Sikh for Justice, are particularly active in Canada, America, Britain and Australia. Pannu keeps an eye on those youths in the country and abroad, whose economic condition of their families is not good. By taking advantage of this and inciting sentiments in the name of religion, he succeeds in doing anti-India work and after that a case is registered against the youth, but Pannu of Sikh for Justice breaks the relationship with that youth. Not only does the youth not get financial help, but his present and future definitely get spoiled.

By the time the young man and his family are faced with the bitter truth, it is too late. The religious and intellectual sections of the Sikh community should come forward and show the way to the young Sikhs who have deviated from the national mainstream. If Khalistani supporters sitting abroad continue the series of protest against India, then it will weaken the credibility and image of Sikh society and will have to face difficulties in the end.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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