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While the eyes of the world are focused on the progress of India and the personality of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the anti-India front in Canada is full of frustration. In this situation, it is playing with the sentiments of Indians by insulting the tricolor and Canada’s Trudeau government is sitting silently for its political selfishness.

On June 18, terrorist Nijjar was murdered at around 8.30 pm in the parking lot of the Gurdwara of which he was the head. Significantly, since last year till now three Khalistani terrorists have been killed. Ripudaman Singh Malik, an accused in the 1985 Air India bombings, was shot dead inside his car in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada, last year. Police also found a burnt vehicle at the scene. Malik was made an accused in the 1985 Kanishka aircraft blast, in which 329 people lost their lives. However, Ripudaman Singh Malik had been denying his involvement in the attack. In 2005, along with Malik, another accused Ajaib Singh Bagdi was acquitted. In May this year, Paramjit Singh Panjwad was shot dead in Lahore, Pakistan. One morning in May, Panjwad was out for a walk when he was shot dead by unknown assailants. According to Pakistan’s Punjab Police, Panjwad was declared brought dead on arrival at the hospital by gunmen.

Separatists suspect that India’s intelligence agencies are behind these killings. During a protest in front of the Indian Consulate in Vancouver in Canada, Khalistani supporters who were enraged by the killing of Nijjar, insulted the tricolor. Protesters wearing orange berets were carrying the flag of Khalistan, some of whom were seen standing on the Indian national flag spread on the ground. A video of this incident is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Some such pictures of Khalistani supporters have also come to the fore in which they are trying to tear the tricolor. Pro-Khalistani terrorists are blaming Indian agencies for Nijjar’s killing, although Canadian police have categorically denied any foreign role in the killing and said that investigation is on in the matter. Khalistani supporter Gurkeerat Singh, one of the protestors, said in his speech hours before the shooting in the parking lot of the Guru Nanak Sikh gurdwara on the day of his death that he had been warned of an attack by Canadian intelligence officers. He said that while they are informing our leaders that their lives may be in danger, we have every right to believe that foreign powers may be involved. Although the police have clearly said that fear and speculation are arising regarding this attack. Investigators say they have not linked the shootings to foreign interference and have no reason to believe the Sikh community in Canada is at risk.

Significantly, in July last year, the Indian government had announced a reward of Rs 1 million, or about $16,000, for information leading to Nijjar’s arrest or capture, and had termed him a ‘fugitive terrorist’. In 2010, the Punjab Police filed an FIR against Nijjar for his involvement in a blast near Sri Satyanarayan Temple in Patiala. was registered. In 2015, another FIR was lodged against him for conspiring to kill religious leaders. was registered. Nijjar, a native of Harsinghpur in Jalandhar district, currently lived in Surrey, Canada. According to media reports, he was elected unopposed to head the Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara in Surrey, Canada. He is the active leader of Khalistan Tiger Force (KTF) Jagtar Singh Tara and Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Went to Pakistan in 2013-14 to meet. Many reports regarding the killings of Khalistani terrorists also indicate that the ISI. She is now eliminating these terrorists. Indian intelligence agencies are also alert about the killing of Khalistani terrorists. A media report also states that Nijjar has given I.S.I. At the behest of Sikhs for Justice (S.F.J.) U.K. Branch chief Avtar Singh Khanda was killed. Khanda held an Indian passport and had emerged as the leader of a mob that broke into the Indian High Commission in London in March. India was talking to Britain for its extradition. ISI was afraid that Khanda might be sent to India and then all his secrets would come to the fore. This was the reason why Khanda was executed. It was said that Khanda died of cancer, but his death was due to poison.

The separatists who oppose India in Canada and other countries of the world, especially in England and America, when Sikhs are killed in Pakistan and Afghanistan or other countries of the world or their honor is played with, they all think it is better to remain silent. , while appear eager to oppose India.

The manner in which the Indian national flag has been insulted by separatists is very sad. It is the demand of every Indian that the Government of India, after registering a case against those who insult the tricolor, talks to the Canadian government and asks them to take strict action against them, or the government itself should take action by bringing them to India.

– Irwin Khanna (Chief Editor, Dainik Uttam Hindu)

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