India vetoed Alegeria’s entry into BRICS at the request of France


Paris: India and France, now both the countries are emerging as a strong alliance. The friendship between the two countries is getting deeper day by day. The example of this friendship was also seen in the BRICS conference. Although France is not a member of this organization, its impact was also felt in Johannesburg, South Africa. Here India set an example of its friendship and blocked the entry of Algeria. If you believe a report by The Cradle, a website monitoring the politics of Asia, then on the request of France, India used its veto power against the North African country Algeria. In such a situation, Algeria could not be included in the organization.

broken algeria heart
Algeria has been waiting to join BRICS for a long time. Algeria’s Dajir Tube quoted sources as saying that the French intelligence agency had contacted its Indian counterparts ahead of the BRICS summit. France had requested India to stop Algeria’s entry into the organization. The move was aimed at curbing Algeria’s growing influence in the Sahel region. At the same time, relations between China and Algeria are also getting stronger. France did not want Algeria to strengthen China in its territory at its cost. This step is being termed as a kind of revenge taken by France from Algeria.

Tension in France and Algeria
Tension has increased between Paris and Algeria since the coup in Niger. The coup in Niger is the latest example of the anti-Western movement in the Sahel region. Since then, Algeria has opposed the ECOWAS military operation in Niger. At the same time, the country has emphasized the role of dialogue in the peaceful resolution of the crisis. Apart from this, it has not allowed French military planes to fly in Algerian airspace. This conspiracy of France was revealed at the summit in South Africa.

a chance for india
Cradal Magazine has written that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saw an opportunity in the request of French President Emmanuel Macron. Officials are said to have been offered Western help so that India can expand its influence in these places abandoned as former French colonies. France has maintained strong relations with the governments of India for decades. When India conducted nuclear tests in 1998, France was the only country in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) that supported India. After this, when the special status given to Kashmir was abolished in the year 2019, even then France supported this move in the United Nations. Apart from this, with the help of many defense agreements with India, both the countries have become very close.

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