IndiaTheNews Exclusive: Why did Xi Jinping stop Putin from launching a nuclear attack on Ukraine?


Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi (Retd) said that Chinese President Xi Jinping wants to prove himself as the messiah of peace at the international level, so nowadays he is offering cooperation in resolving the situation of dispute in global affairs.

In IndiaTheNews News Network’s special program Shaurya Path, this week we wanted to know from Brigadier DS Tripathi (Retd) what is the current situation of Russia-Ukraine war? We also wanted to know whether the Russian President stopped the nuclear attack against Ukraine at the behest of the Chinese President? We also wanted to know what is the significance of the recent phone call made by Prime Minister Modi to the Russian President?

In response, he said that looking at the latest situation of the war, Russia seems to be gaining ground as Ukraine is not getting enough arms supplies despite assurances from the western countries. So the counteroffensive from the Ukrainian side has become almost constant. As far as the news that Chinese President Xi Jinping stopped Russian President Vladimir Putin from using nuclear weapons, it is likely to a great extent because Putin is listening to Jinping a lot these days. Seeing the way China is openly supporting Russia in this war, Putin is not in a position to completely reject any request from China.

He said that apart from this, Xi Jinping wants to prove himself as the messiah of peace at the international level, so nowadays he is offering cooperation in resolving the situation of dispute in global affairs. Looking at the possibilities now, the threat of nuclear war is not visible, but it is definitely visible that Ukraine can be destroyed through nuclear radiation. However, it is highly unlikely that Russia will take such a step. Russia alleges that Ukraine can get itself nuclear radiation attacked so that Russia can be blamed. Russia says that seeing the Ukraine war getting out of hand, one can take suicidal steps. Russia has occupied more than 25 percent of Ukraine and Ukraine has been able to take back very little of that area so far. Second, after overcoming the rebellion of the Wagner Group, Putin is now fudging all his steps.

Brigadier Shri DS Tripathi (retd) said that as far as the phone conversation between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Putin is concerned, let us tell you that the Russian President and Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a “fruitful” conversation on the phone and bilateral strategic Reiterated their commitment to further strengthen the partnership. During this, the Ukraine conflict was also discussed between the two leaders. The telephonic conversation between the two leaders came days ahead of the digital summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). A day earlier, Russia’s Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and National Security Advisor Ajit Doval discussed bilateral relations and the latest security developments in Russia. He said the Ministry of External Affairs has said that Modi and Putin reviewed progress in bilateral cooperation and exchanged views on regional and global issues of mutual interest. The Foreign Ministry said the two leaders agreed to remain in touch and continue efforts to further strengthen the special and privileged strategic partnership between the two countries. Noting that the phone call was made by the Indian side, the Kremlin press service said, “The nature of the conversation was productive and constructive. The leaders reiterated their mutual commitment to strengthen the Special Strategic Partnership between Russia and India and agreed to continue contacts.

Brig Shri DS Tripathi (Retd) said the leaders discussed bilateral cooperation and noted the importance of continuing joint projects in various fields. He said that trade between Russia and India increased significantly in 2022, and this trend will continue in the first quarter of 2023 as well. The Kremlin said that Russian President Putin informed Modi about Ukraine’s categorical refusal to resolve the conflict through diplomacy. Russia’s official news agency Tass quoted the Kremlin’s statement from the Russian presidential office as saying, “The two leaders discussed the situation related to Ukraine.” The Russian President referred to the current situation in the Special Military Operations area, which points to Kiev’s clear refusal to take political and diplomatic steps to resolve the conflict. During the discussion on the situation, Prime Minister Modi reiterated his call for dialogue and diplomacy to resolve the issue. Let us remind you that India has not yet condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and has been saying that the crisis should be resolved through diplomacy and dialogue. The Kremlin statement also said that Modi spoke to Putin about his recent visit to the US and President Joe. Told about the conversation with Biden. The Kremlin said, “Narendra Modi told him (Putin) about his international contacts, including his recent visit to Washington.” The two leaders also discussed their countries’ cooperation within the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the G20.

Brig Shri DS Tripathi (Retd) said that the Kremlin statement also said that PM Modi expressed support for the steps taken by the Russian leadership in connection with the armed insurgency by the Wagner Group last week . It said, “With regard to the events of June 24, Narendra Modi expressed support for the concrete action taken by the Russian authorities to safeguard law and order and ensure stability in the country and the safety of its citizens.” The rebellion by Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner Group could pose the most serious challenge to President Putin in his more than two decades of rule. This development also raised questions on Putin’s leadership. The Wagner Group had captured the city of Rostov-on-Don. The rebellion ended when Prigozhin ordered his troops advancing towards Moscow to turn back.

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