Insurance of 10 lakhs in just 35 paise, booked ticket from IRCTC, then understand the benefits of this insurance and the whole process of claim – how to claim irctc 35 paisa travel insurance for train journey


35 paisa insurance

You can avail this insurance for 35 paise while booking tickets online from IRCTC. While booking tickets, the option of travel insurance appears at the bottom. In this, as soon as you click on ‘Yes’, you get information about insurance through SMS and email. Those who choose ‘No’ are putting themselves at risk while traveling by train by saving 35 paise. With this insurance of 35 paise, you got a security cover ranging from 10000 to 10 lakh rupees.

take care of these things

take care of these things

When you choose this insurance of 35 paise while booking the ticket, you get the information about this insurance through mail immediately. In this email, the name of the company providing travel insurance, insurance certificate number, customer care number, email id and helpline number are given. As soon as you get the insurance document on email, you should open it and fill in the details of the nominee. If you do not do this then there can be a lot of problem while claiming the insurance money.

How to claim – complete process

How to claim - complete process

Insurance cover of 35 paise during rail travel gives you a cover of up to Rs 10 lakh in case of an accident. 100% claim is available in case of death or 100% disability. On the other hand, if you are permanently disabled, you get an insurance cover of Rs 7.5 lakh. In case of injury, Rs 2 lakh is provided. For the claim, you have to apply to the nearest office of the insurance company with the claim form and necessary documents within 4 months of the accident. If someone has forgotten to fill the name of the nominee while taking the insurance, then his legal heir can claim for the insurance cover. You get this insurance claim and all the necessary information related to it on the website of IRCTC.

Only Indian citizens get the facility

Only Indian citizens get the facility

IRCTC gives this insurance only to Indian citizens. The same travel insurance policy applies to all classes of passengers. The option of travel insurance is presently offered to reservation ticket holders only. The aggrieved passenger without reservation does not get the facility of travel insurance of IRCTC.

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