Interview: Balochistan’s exiled Prime Minister Naila Qadri said – the world should help the Baloch

The Baloch Prime Minister in exile said that the young generation does not know anything about the Balochs. Elders and historians who have crossed a stage of age know very well that since 1948 till today, how much Pakistan has been perpetrating atrocities on Balochistanis. Actually, being a Baloch is a crime for them.

The Baloch have been yearning for decades to breathe open air. Stuck in the clutches of Pakistan since 1948, but now the efforts of Baloch independence are happening fast. Their exiled Prime Minister ‘Naela Qadri’ is seeking support for the independence of her country by visiting all the countries of the world. Currently in India, where she is pleading with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to raise her voice in the UN. Baloch have expectations from the Prime Minister of India that he will do something. He wants the same charisma for himself as he had liberated Bangladesh from Pakistan. The Baloch Prime Minister is in India for the last two weeks, she is meeting many opposition leaders and responsible persons. Meanwhile, journalist Dr. Ramesh Thakur also had a detailed conversation with him. Here are the main parts of the conversation-

Question: What are the reasons behind the isolation of Balochistan from the world?

Answer- The young generation does not know anything about Balochis. Elders and historians who have crossed a stage of age know very well that since 1948 till today, how much Pakistan has been perpetrating atrocities on Balochistanis. Actually, being a Baloch is a crime for them. It is as if they have got a license to kill us and commit various kinds of atrocities. Now China has also joined this game. Their army openly abducts sisters and daughters. Army soldiers rape with them for many days together. Regrettably, the world is silent even after seeing this game. We are residents of a country without recognition. With the desire of getting recognition, we go to the threshold of every powerful country and make requests to them. But, till now we have not got complete assurance from anywhere.

Question: Is the purpose of coming to India also to seek your help?

Answer- Yes. I have urged Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to support Balochistan in the UN. We have the highest hopes from India only. The efforts of the Prime Minister can help us in getting the recognition of a complete country. I know this time India has a big opportunity to speak in support of Balochistan in the United Nations. It is for this purpose that I have come to India. Here my words have been listened to seriously. Cooperation is also expected from the opposition parties of India. Leaders of tall stature like Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi should also come forward and help us.

Question: India’s intervention would mean directly messing with Pakistan and China?

Answer- In return, both the countries are aware of the strength of India. Otherwise, there are many internal reports in which Pakistan, China and Taliban together made unsuccessful plans to attack India many times. He had made preparations even after the removal of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir. But, did not dare to attack India. Pakistan is afraid that sooner or later India may capture PoK i.e. their Occupied Kashmir as well. They themselves are engaged in saving their Kashmir.

Question: Balochi news is not reported much in the international media as well?

North-East restrictions that have been imposed. No foreign journalist or news channel, social worker or delegate is allowed to go. The Pakistan Army has a hold on the local media. No one can even post on social media without their permission. It is a matter of pride that our supporters and well-wishers outside Balochistan raise our voice through social media. Otherwise, the people of the world would not know anything. Our connectivity with the world is completely cut off. The question of helping is far away, no one even comes to peep.

Question: Is there participation of local citizens in government services or not?

Answer- The existence of Baloch is now in more danger. Pakistanis are in possession of army recruitments, government jobs and other employment businesses. Locals are banned. Baloch people do not move freely, for this ISI agents hover around them. They are most afraid of India that whether they are interfering or not, we are gossiping. Balochis have full faith that Pakistan’s army will retreat only after India’s intervention and our step towards independence will also move forward.

Question: The condition of Baloch women is said to be the worst?

Answer- Pak army soldiers do not leave any young girl. They rape them, kill them by treating the body inhumanely. Due to fear, we do not allow our girls to go out of the house. Girls don’t even go to school-college. They are forced to be educated at home only. Will you see only men or elderly women in Baloch markets? Fanatics also support them, instigating Balochis in the name of religion. Due to their fear, many Baluchis have gone to their side. Tired of their torture, every child of Balochistan now wants to be free from the terrorists and illegal occupation of Pakistan.

Question: If Balochistan becomes an independent country, what plans do you have in mind?

Answer- If not, but one day Baloch will remain independent. The day that date is fixed, the world will see, this country will remain nuclear free, will become terrorism free. Our beloved Baloch will become secular, democratic, believing in all religions and gender balanced. We are just waiting for that morning. Many of our revolutionary leaders who fought for freedom have been taken hostage by the Pakistan Army. In fact, our voice has now become as loud as ever when Bengalis had demanded Bangladesh for themselves.

As told by Baloch Prime Minister Naila Qadri to journalist Dr. Ramesh Thakur in conversation.

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