Interview: Being a girl is more difficult than being a girl… Ayushmann Khurrana on becoming ‘Pooja’ in ‘Dreamgirl 2’ – ayushmann khurrana interview on dream girl 2 pooja character is difficult


Ayushmann Khurrana is one of those capable actors, who makes his roles come alive on screen by making an alien entrance. Be it his Article 15 or Doctorji, he gets into character every time. This time she is in discussion about her new film Dream Girl 2. An exclusive interview with him.

Ayushman, it is said about you that you are becoming a specialist in issue films along with entertainment, what would you like to say?
It started in 2012, when I did a film like Vicky Donor. After that, I started getting scripts that had something to say, along with entertainment. I feel very proud that I have tried to say something through entertainment. As far as my latest film Dream Girl 2 is concerned, there is no issue in it. It is a funny, sensuous and entertaining commercial film.

You are creating a lot of noise by becoming Pooja in the form of a girl. What was the most difficult thing about becoming a girl?
Being a girl is difficult, but being a girl is even more difficult, because no matter what we say, we still live in a male-dominated society. It will take us a long time to achieve gender equality. That’s why we have to be sensitive when we do a film like this. We have tried our best not to cross that boundary line. Earlier also I have been a part of progressive films. We have always taken a dig at toxic masculinity. We had raised this issue in Doctorji as well. As far as the difficulties of being a girl on screen are concerned, there were many challenges. Naturally men have thick hair on their body, I used to shave them, then in two-three hours they started appearing again, then I had to shave again. I lost ten kilos for the role. From hair artist, makeup, dress designer to light VFX, all these things are still fine, but it was very challenging to bring the tantrums and mannerisms on the face. How can you be sure that you are a girl?

You have become a woman in this, who are the important women in your life who have been a source of inspiration for you?
All around me are strong women. Be it my wife, manager or my mother. All my co-actors have also been very strong women. The gathering around me has been motivated and empowered women. That empowerment in my life starts with my mother and continues till Tahira (his wife Tahira Kashyap). Tahira has taught me a lot. I have become a feminist because of them and today in our society the stream of feminism is very necessary for us.

You are known as a family loving actor. Are you spotless while living in Kajal’s closet? Your name is not associated with anyone?
You have to decide the priorities of your life, what do you want at what cost? Being a family man, you have to maintain a balance between family and work. That’s what I do.

Recently you met the real dream girl of the industry Hema Malini, how was your experience?
Till now I had seen him only on TV or in award shows. Met him for the first time. Chatted, danced. I didn’t find anyone more graceful than her. He still has a childlike quality in him. He is very young inside. She still goes on tour, giving dance performances of two hours each. She is a well-known Bharatanatyam dancer. There is a different noor on her face, that’s why she is called Dream Girl.
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You worked hard in your last film Action Star, the film critics also liked it but it could not do wonders at the box office?
I think sometimes the timing of a film is a factor. I think that if the film had released in today’s era, it would have probably done well. The film was crisp, with many twists and turns in under two hours. I was most confident about that film of mine, but it didn’t work. I got to learn a lot from him. Know that not everything is in your hands.

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